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Sam Easterton – Animal Vegetable Video

5th December 2012 by mica
arts | community | conceptual | documentary | education | experimental | humor | movie making | nature | observational | participatory | serial | strange | video

Ardvark (2001, 1.6MB, 15 sec.)

Scorpion (2001, 1.1MB, 10 sec.)

Tumbleweeds (2001, 1.2MB, 10 sec.)

Wolf (2001, 1.1MB, 10 sec.)

Since 1988, Sam Easterton has been using tiny
‘helmet mounted’ cameras to create an archive of videos filmed
from the perspective of plants and animals.

Daniel Liss - Sixth Map

15th February 2012 by mica
arts | community | conceptual | map | video | vlog

Sixth Map (2006, 17.3MB, 3.44 min.)

When filmmaker/videoblogger Daniel Liss challenged himself to make 7 videos in 7 days,
he also challenged his online audience to collaborate with him in the process.
His daily assignments came from viewers of his videoblog who determined
where, about what and how he should make each video.

Each day, they posted an assignment and each day Daniel posted a video in response.
Then came praise and criticism in the comments of each day’s videoblog post.

The process took him miles from home, he told personal stories, invented new narratives,
and played more than a few tricks on his guiding/goading audience.

For this video he was given the assignment,
“Today, you are a local. Trick us into believing that you are a local.
Tell us a story about your history.”

The entire Seven Maps series can be seen here :

Jerome Hill

16th November 2011 by mica
arts | experimental | film | historical | memoir

Film Portrait
Film Portrait (1972, 31MB, 11:45 min.)

La Cartomancienne (1932, 13MB, 12 min.)

This is a memoir and the last film made by artist and filmmaker Jerome Hill.

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I also found ‘La Cartomancienne’, one of his earliest film experiments.

A Broad Way

3rd November 2011 by mica
cinema | community | documentary | film | movie | movie making | trailer | video | vlog

A Broad Way, Trailer (2007, 60.89 MB, 5:17 min)

Saul Goode
worked with 400 filmmakers to
document every corner of New York’s most
famous street, Broadway.

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Douglas Fishbone

19th October 2011 by mica
arts | community | conceptual | politics | remix/mashup | satire

Towards a Common Understanding (excerpt)
Towards a Common Understanding (excerpt) (2007, 9.4MB, 6:50min)

Douglas Fishbone is one of my favorite video art jokesters.
He leaves no stone unturned in his search for a common
understanding, which takes him to the furthest reaches
of the world wide web and back.
I have been trying to find a video of his online to
include here for a while now, then I just asked him and
he graciously sent me this video for the faithful DVBlog viewers.
Beware, there are many disturbing images in this video but none
of them on screen for more than a few seconds and all quite spectacular.

Can I get an Amen? – Nate Harrison

12th May 2011 by mica
arts | audio | community | conceptual | documentary arts | education | installation | music | technology | video

Can I Get An Amen
Can I Get An Amen? (2004, 34.3MB, 18:08 min.)

from Nate Harrison.
This documentation of an installation by Nate Harrison,
includes an in depth lecture on the history of a single breakbeat.
It follows this small fragment of a song from its origin in a 60′s soul
recording through the invention of house and contemporary hip-hop.
It also speaks very eloquently on the important issues of copyright in
remix culture. This is fascinating to listen to.

Emily Hubley – Big Brown Eyes

19th April 2011 by mica
animation | arts | music video

Big Brown Eyes

Big Brown Eyes (1981, 4.2MB, 2 min.)

Animator Emily Hubley, known for the iconic animations
in the movie -Hedwig The Angry Inch made this video
for 1980′s pop band The DBs.

Ladislas Starewitch – Le Lion Devenu Vieux

22nd March 2011 by mica
animation | arts | cinema | experimental | film | historical | movie making | puppetry | silent | stop motion

Le Lion Devenu Vieux
Le Lion Devenu Vieux (1932, 3.5MB, 1:04 sec.)

Ladislas Starewitch is often credited with inventing stop motion animation
as we know it, though so are several other people. It depends on what fits
into your definition of stop motion.
Certainly he was probably the first to actually make little figures and move
them frame by frame in an attempt to duplicate lifelike movement of actual
living things. it was because he was filming beetles and found that the hot
lights made them lethargic, so he made his own little beetles asrealistically
as possible and animated them instead.
This gave birth to further projects with very lifelike but sometimes partially
anthropomorphic (human-like) animals.
from – Darkstrider. (thanks Adam)

Jon Jost is not making movies

7th May 2010 by mica
arts | community | documentary | education | film | interview | movie making | portraiture | video

Jon Jost is not making movies (2006, 36.4 MB, 6 min.)

In 2006, Woods Hole Film Festival featured a tribute
to filmmaker Jon Jost.
I got a chance to talk with him for a few minutes
about his career in film and his commitment to
pushing the medium of digital video. In this video
he gives some great advice to new DV filmmakers,
and explains once and for all 24fps setting on your camera.

Deerhoof Music Video – Martha Colburn

16th April 2010 by mica
animation | arts | music video | remix/mashup

Wrong Time Capsule(2005, 6.6 MB, 3 Min.)

This is a music video from 2005 for the band Deerhoof, created by
the artist Martha Colburn. A self-taught filmmaker, she
animates her collages into very fancy, lo-fi, kaleidoscopic,
trash-rock adventures. If you don’t get it from this description,
she has many cilps from her films posted on her website.
Go out of your way to see her work.