Bonnie Prince Billy Again

14th November 2012 by michael
animation | arts | music video | narrative | performance | video

Agnes (2004, 7.3MB, 3:12 min)

Horses (2004, 16.7MB, 4:37 min)

Agnes video by David Shrigley
& Horses by Braden King,
both of them classy bits of work.
There’s a PhD to be had for someone along the lines of
‘The Curatorial Role of the Recording Artist’.
BPB/Will Oldham’s CD cover art never disappoints -
the acme of hip good taste ( though not in a bland way, I think)
– & the same is true of his videos.
I particularly love the projection-within-the vid trope of Horses.
Also -what songs!

Albert Nanning – Exit

9th November 2012 by michael
animation | arts | ephemera | experimental | music video | observational | photography | portraiture | remix/mashup | video

Exit (2008, 48.6MB, 4:50 min)

Says Albert Nanning:

‘I’m a writer (poems mostly) and photographer, living and working
in Amsterdam. My age is 41. See also. The last five years I’ve made
so many pictures due to the digital workflow that by accident
I discovered a way to give all those pictures that I don’t use
a kind of meaning by putting them in a clip that I made.
Most pictures are from Amsterdam. I made
the clip with iMovie.’

& nicely it works too…

Eddo Stern – Best…flame war…Ever

26th October 2012 by brittany
animation | gaming | satire | technology | video

Eddo Stern – Best…flame war…Ever (2007, 32MB, 12:08)

Even the non-gamers (that includes me – and I think everyone
else here at DVblog) will appreciate this one from Eddo Stern.

A Map Comes to Life

18th October 2012 by brittany
animation | arts | conceptual | map | stop motion | technology | video

Andersen M Studio – A Map Comes to Life (2006, 11.4MB, 2:20)

Incredible stop-motion animation from London’s
Andersen M Studio. Much of their video work is
in the same style, but why switch it up when
they’re so talented in this specialized way?
Inspiring and fun.

Stan VanDerBeek – 2 Poem Films

11th July 2012 by brian
animation | arts | conceptual | experimental | film | historical

Astral Man an Illuminated Poem (1959, 22MB, 2:27 min.)

poem field No2 (1966, 60MB, 5:42 min.)

A true innovator. Creator of countless films displaying complete artistic control.
What vision Stan VanDerBeek, what vision.

Netbehaviour Mailing List Fractal Excerpt

10th July 2012 by michael
animation | arts | conceptual | experimental | math | new media art | process/systems | remix/mashup | silent | strange | text | video

Netbehaviour Mailing List Fractal [Excerpt] (2012, 5MB, 59 secs)

From Claude Heiland-Allen:
Seven years of archives for this mailing list filtered down
to the most often occurring 1000 words of 4 letters or more,
in an infinite fractal zoom – each word is made up of the
words that most likely follow it.

We love the Netbehaviour list & this, splendid & bonkers both, does just
what it says on the tin with that excellent institution – we’ve posted
the minute long version here but if that whets your appetite for more
there’s an hour long version at archive.org.

2 from Adamo Macri

4th July 2012 by michael
animation | arts | experimental | video

still life
Still Life (2006, 16.9MB, 3:36 min)

Spout (2006, 8.26MB, 2:14 min)

Two short movies from Canadian artist Adamo Macri in 2007.

PSST! Pass it on…

2nd July 2012 by brittany
animation | arts | community | conceptual | ephemera | experimental | gaming | technology | video



PSST gets designers, animators, and directors together for
collaborative film projects every year. Their main concern
is process, which they explain comes from a fusion of the
Dadaist game Exquisite Corpse and the sometimes childhood
game, Telephone.
Whatever their theory, their annual collections are stellar.

Pierre Huyghe

18th June 2012 by michael
animation | arts | community | conceptual | experimental | happening | humor | installation | performance | strange | theatre

Pierre Huyghe #1
Pierre Huyghe #1 (NK, 2.69MB, 1:43 min)

Pierre Huyghe #2
Pierre Huyghe #2 (NK, 1.59MB, 3:03 min)

Pierre Huyghe #3
Pierre Huyghe #3 (NK, 2.33MB, 1:29 min)

Pierre Huyghe #4
Pierre Huyghe #4 (NK, 2.29MB, 1:30 min)

Four short videos by the often vexing, occasionally brilliant, Pierre Huyghe
from the website of the PBS Art in the 21st Century series.

Diana Brighouse – Floating Green Leaves

16th May 2012 by michael
abstract | animation | arts | experimental | nature | new media art | poetry | video

Floating Green Leaves
Floating Green Leaves (2012, 212MB, 3:52 min)

Diana Brighouse is a doctor turned artist in a grand tradition.
She’s currently completing an MA at the University of Chichester in the UK.
Her work is intensely thoughtful and thought through and also often very beautiful.
I’m not always keen on artist commentaries on their own work but what she sent
me is a model of clarity so I’ll reproduce it in full here.

‘The underlying stimulus for my work is to challenge the reductive philosophy
that prevails in Western society today.
I believe that reductionism is manifest through a prioritising of scientific
or quantitative methodology. An unquestioning belief in the measurable is
found not only in science and technology, but also in education, medicine
and politics.
I believe that the supremacy of the measurable can be directly related not
only to the political and financial threats to the arts, but also to the
regressive attitudes towards women and the disabled.
Successive postgraduate university educations in medicine, spirituality,
psychotherapy and art have repeatedly challenged the certainties I have
been taught.
My use of digital video (a quantitative binary process) to produce images
that I believe to be non-reductive reflects the paradoxes created by my
chosen professions.
There are multiple possible interpretations of the videos depending on
the background of the viewer. This is deliberate and hopefully supports
my non-reductive thesis.
These videos are part of a series investigating reflections; a second
series that I am also currently working on investigates shadows.
My intention is that this series will be more politically orientated.
My videos are taken in my garden and edited with Sony Vegas Platinum 11.0HD.’

We’ll have another of these beautiful works next week.