Richard Jochum – Cell Portraits

28th June 2012 by michael
arts | documentary | education | observational | science | video

Cell Portraits
Cell Portraits (2005-7, 28.7MB, 4:18 min)

Beautifully assured piece of documentary film making from Richard Jochum in 2007,
a portrait of the scientist Jan Schmoranzer preparing microscopic images
of cells (& and eating lunch, drinking coffee &c.)
I particularly like the lighness of touch shown here, the gentle wit.
Jochum’s openness to the humanity, the quirkiness and individuality of the
participants ( the..um..dance), raises the level of the piece from
an interesting educational short to something much richer.
To be slightly controversial, it’s dully predictable someone left
a comment on Jochum’s site along the lines of ‘I’d like to get some of those
images for my wall’
The final slide images, laden with scientific interest as I’m
sure they are, are in my view the bit of the piece with the least artistic
interest (or at least such interest as they have derives from their place
in the process and the film’s account of it rather than their pretty-pattern-ness).

Vera Brunner-Sung

22nd June 2012 by brittany
arts | conceptual | documentary | film | narrative

Vera Brunner-Sung – untitled (2006, 2.5MB, 1:10)

Vera Brunner-Sung – Longshore (2004, 9.9MB, 4:34)

Two short films from Vera Brunner-Sung, made respectively
on 16mm and super 8, both exploring boundaries of privacy
and community, the understanding of memory and place.

Unattended Body

1st June 2012 by brittany
arts | documentary | observational | video

Arzu Ozkal Telhan – Unattended Body (2005, 56MB, 5:00)

Arzu Ozkal Telhan’s Unattended Body is a
spectacular meditation on public space,
observational video at perhaps its finest.

The artists also says:
“Unattended body mainly discusses how an
existence at it’s most banal (Heidegger) can
be simply perceived as a disturbance or a
potential threat if it does not act in its expected
way for the society.”

Normally three long segments, they’ve
been edited together here as a five minute
clip, all shown at once, which I actually prefer.
What is so painfully boring to others is ever
so exciting for the rest of us.

Wheeler Winston Dixon – Serial Metaphysics

3rd May 2012 by michael
arts | community | documentary | experimental | film | remix/mashup | tv | video

Serial Metaphysics
Serial Metaphysics #1 (1984-86, clip, 6.4MB, 1:08 min)

Serial Metaphysics
Serial Metaphysics #2 (1984-86, clip, 5.9MB, 1:08 min)

Wheeler Winston Dixon is now a professor of film studies
at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln. Before he did that he made
a lot of (on the evidence of these clips & others) really great short movies.
In particular these two clips from Serial Metaphysics, apparently almost
entirely constructed from TV ads, whet the appetite for a viewing
of the whole twenty minutes.
Dixon conjures fever dream magic from commercial banality.
Check in particular the end sequence of clip one:
David Lynch eat your heart out.

The World's Largest TV Studio

23rd February 2012 by michael
activism | community | documentary | happening | historical | interview | politics | tv | video

The World’s Largest TV Studio (1972, 17.2MB, 7:10 min.)

A historic piece of political video from
the 1972 Miami Democratic Convention, this excerpt featuring an interview
with Michael Shamberg, author of Guerilla Television & founder member of Top Value
. (Also founder of Raindance & subsequently big shot Hollywood Producer).

online mexico pharmacy

Found in the broadcasting section of the Southwest Museum of Engineering Communications
and Computation
, which is actually stuffed with goodies.

Recreation, Re-Creation, or, We Like OLD Stuff – Bitsy Knox

4th January 2012 by doron
conceptual | documentary | experimental | film | historical | interview | remix/mashup

Recreation, Re-Creation
Recreation, Re-Creation (2006, 9.6 MB, 4:27 min.)

“This video juxtaposes original 16 mm footage acquired from my Grandfather
with interview footage taken of my Mother and Grandparents. All but the
past-tenses of their speaking are left intact, while the film footage has been
aggressively manipulated.
The project seeks to question the language of constructing one’s identity through
negotiation with familial history, where the past has been constructed and reconstructed
in order to corroborate certain facades of culture which are wished to be left intact.”

Bitsy Knox from 312.

Ruth Catlow – overland

12th December 2011 by michael
activism | arts | community | documentary | landscape | observational | travelogue | video

overland (2010, 131MB, 2:58 min)

And sadly, the last in our little season of movies by Ruth Catlow. This is another
train movie, no conceptual underpinnings to speak of this time, just a beautiful,
bleached out pastels, lo-fi ( mobile?) account of the Serbian section of a journey by train to Istanbul
last year when she was refusing ‘to fly for art’, something more people should do more often if
the results here are anything to go by.
More from Ruth, of course, as she produces it…

Sigur Ròs : Heima Trailer

8th December 2011 by brian
arts | cinema | community | documentary | documentary arts | film | movie | trailer

Heima Trailer
heima trailer (2007, 46.7 MB, 3:53 min.)

An exquisite trailer for the promising first film from Iceland’s Sigur Ròs.
Watch, and then tell me you did not add Iceland to your top 5 places
to see before you die.

1905 at 2 a.m. in the subway

5th December 2011 by doron
community | documentary | documentary odd | film | historical | humor | narrative | observational | silent | strange

2 a.m. in the subway (1905, 8 MB, 56 sec.)

A subway platform, a policeman and a conductor, a well-dressed man
with a cigar and two women dressed in long skirts and jackets.
One of the women causes a sensation by raising her skirt and
revealing her stocking. Artificial legs are displayed out the subway car window.
From – The Open Video Project.

New Media in the Marketplace – Listen to the Podcast

28th November 2011 by doron
activism | archive | arts | audio | community | documentary | event | interview | new media art | participatory

New Media in the Marketplace (2011, 37 MB, 52 min)

“Over the years, we’ve found that a number of the artists we support in our Emerging Fields category have questions about how they can better market and exhibit their work. They have questions about pricing and editioning; changing formats; what it is that they are actually selling when they offer a work for sale; what their obligations to representatives and collectors are after a sale; and whether or not they should even participate in an art market that is, in their eyes, more sympathetic and better able to represent works in more conventional or established media.

On November 2, Creative Capital hosted a webinar for grantees to explore some of these issues and answer specific questions from artists working in new media. The panelists were Jason Salavon (2000 Visual Arts), Karolina Sobecka (2009 Emerging Fields), Stephen Vitiello (2006 Emerging Fields) and Marina Zurkow (2001 Visual Arts). Sean Elwood, Creative Capital’s Director of Programs & Initiatives, served as the facilitator.”


Podcast from The Lab.