Julianne Swartz – Installations

9th November 2010 by doron
architecture | arts | documentary arts | installation | new media art | serial | video

Deep Storage (2002, 10 MB, 2:03 min.)

Transfer (2001, 7 MB, 1:28 min.)

A couple of documentaries of site specific installations by
“boundlessness” artist – Julianne Swartz.

Christophe Gendre – Travelling

20th September 2010 by michael
architecture | arts | landscape | memoir | observational | place | travelogue | video

Christophe Gendre: Travelling
Travelling (2004, 185 MB, 11:33 min)

Carefully made & delicious to watch travelogue
(although I think it conflates a number of different trips,
so in one sense it’s about travel itself as much as place)
from French artist Christophe Gendre.
More soon.

Millie Niss – Skyway

23rd July 2010 by michael
architecture | arts | community | landscape | observational | place | poetry | tribute | video

Skyway (2009, 39 MB, 1:53 min)

A couple of months before her untimely death last year Millie Niss
sent me this video -

‘I have been working for a long time on and off (mostly off) these
days on a video showing industrial ruins on the outskirts of Buffalo,
shot from an elevated highway which is scheduled to be torn down…’

I remember thinking how beautiful and evocative it was and I assumed
Millie would publish it on the Sporkworld Blog in due course.
Sadly this never happened.
The other day I came across it & asked Millie’s mother and collaborator,
Martha Deed, for permission to post it here, which she gave,
so it’s a pleasure tinged with sadness to do so.

We’re going to take a summer break now.
We’ll be back on September 20th but in the meantime we’ll leave you
with this memorial to a fine artist & a fine human being.

Sans Verre – Brad Tinmouth and Kaitlin Till-Landry

22nd July 2010 by doron
architecture | arts | audio | collaboration | documentary arts | participatory | performance | video

Sans Verre (2008, 7.3 MB, 1 min)

A documentation of a performance made with Lili Huston-Herterich.
By Brad Tinmouth and Kaitlin Till-Landry.

Dan Graham – Beyond

1st July 2010 by doron
architecture | arts | audio | community | conceptual | documentary arts | exhibition | installation | interview | new media art | participatory | video

Dan Graham – Beyond (2009, 40 MB, 3:02 min)

Narrated by Anne and Joel Ehrenkranz and Curator Chrissie Iles, artist
Dan Graham discusses Heart Pavilion (1991), Public Space,
Two Audiences (1976), and Opposing Mirror and Video Monitors (1974).
All were on view in Dan Graham: Beyond at the Whitney Museum in 2009.

Produced by the Whitney Museum.

Scanner et al. – Night Jam

21st June 2010 by michael
architecture | arts | community | education | music video | place | video

NightJam (2006, 26MB, 11:28 min.)

An Artangel commissioned project from 2006 involving
sound artist Scanner working with clients of London’s
New Horizons Youth Centre, devoted to work with homeless youth.
The musical collaborators are MC Utta, MC Marcel,
MC Quick Latino, MC Magic and MC Sweetie.

Undoubtedly evocative, if a tad derivative, especially
considering the resources at play here.
The multilingual MCing is great though!

Studio Banana TV Interviews Pablo Valbuena

2nd June 2010 by doron
abstract | architecture | arts | community | conceptual | design | documentary arts | installation | landscape | light | new media art

Interview with Pablo Valbuena (2009, 43 MB, 3:46 min)

Studio Banana TV interviews visual artist and architect Pablo Valbuena.
After working in digital media designing virtual architectures for videogames,
he currently looks for new ways of using light to introduce the dimensions of
time and movement in urban spaces, altering the perception of physical space
through projected virtual realities.

Takashi Ito – Spacy

22nd March 2010 by michael
animation | architecture | arts | conceptual | experimental | photography | place

Private Charges
Spacy ( 1981, 14MB, 2:27)

The other day,on a whim, I bought Takashi Ito’s collected works on DVD
from the BFI shop. I’d never heard of him before.
I’m so glad I did. It is utterly compelling and remarkable work.
Spacy is an early piece and the clip here is neither complete
not particularly good quality but it does give you a taste of Ito’s early
- almost formalist – style.
There’s such delight in seeing how this broadens into the flexible,
confidently handled and singular idiom of the later pieces, where a quite
musical rigor in the formal structuring is never absent but which
also underpins a beautifully ambiguous and rich expressivity.
The whole set was one of those all too rare tingle-down-the-spine
revelations which I gulped down in a couple of sittings.
This is outstanding & important work – I urge people to become acquainted with it.

Vito Acconci #2

2nd February 2010 by michael
architecture | arts | design | documentary arts | education | event | historical | interview | memoir

Advice (clip, 2006, 2MB, 58 secs)

Acconci Studio Presentation (2006, 36MB, 29:02 min)

More from the splendid Vito Acconci, this time from
his later architecture and design period.
One vid is a little lollipop -advice to the young-
extracted from a longer interview and profile on
The second is a much more substantial
and utterly fascinating presentation given at the launch of
LAB magazine in 2006.
What an astonishing human being!

Grrrridwave – EXYZT and Boris Edelstein

18th December 2009 by doron
abstract | architecture | arts | community | conceptual | design | documentary arts | event | installation | new media art | participatory | remix/mashup | vj

Grrrridwave (2006, 60 MB, 4:26 min.)

Collaborative installation between EXYZT and Boris Edelstein
of team Modul8 as part of the METAVILLA project
at the Architectural Biennale in Venice 2006.