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Borat on Politics

16th April 2007 by doron
cinema | documentary odd | interview | performance | politics | satire | serial | strange | tv

Borat on Politics
Borat on Politics (2004, 25MB, 3:31 min)

Official Borat Homesite.

Ken Turner #2 – Derrida &c

13th April 2007 by michael
animation | arts | conceptual | experimental | painting | performance | video

derrida the truth in painting and van gogh
derrida the truth in painting and van gogh’s painting (2006, 9.29MB, 1:52 min)

Ken’s site.

Ken talking about his ideas & work.

Original dvblog editorial

Do the Dew

12th April 2007 by doron
advertising | commerce | ephemera | video

Do the Dew
Do the Dew (2006, 14MB, 2:29 min)

from Mountain Dew.

More Brian Gibson

11th April 2007 by michael
arts | cellphone | cinema | conceptual | experimental | remix/mashup

Atlantis To Interzone
Atlantis to Interzone (2007, 14.8MB, 2:59 min)

Lang Syne Andalusian
Lang Syne Andalusian (2007, 39.2MB, 6:55 min)

Well, Atlantis to Interzone is a neat bit of cell phone footage
derived work but Lang Syne Andalusian is a tour de force of mashology,
remixing Bunuel’s notorious masterpiece with bits of stock footage.
Again: the musical eye… the musical eye

Music Credits:
Atlantis to Interzone: Klaxons Atlantis to Interzone (Mr. Miyagis Bootleg Remix)
Lang Syne Andalusian: Soundhog “The Rinse” Mix


10th April 2007 by mica
arts | community | conceptual | experimental | film

syzygy (2001, 18.6MB, 3:51 min)

This tiny film gem was made by my brother, artist and graphic designer,
Noah Scalin. It was made as part of a Super 8 challenge.
Watch to the end and see rules of this game.
And then, I dare you to try this at home.

Martha Deed – October Surprise

9th April 2007 by michael
arts | community | documentary

October Surprise
October Surprise (2006, 36.7MB, 2:31 min)

I was going to post this piece by Martha Deed last year but then we had the crash
& it didn’t happen.
It’s a pleasure to do so now.
As with all Martha’s work it’s rich both visually & in some sense ethically.
That’s a hard claim to justify but I think one of her themes is ‘How do we humans live
in both the natural world & the social world of our own making?’
- the how meaning both straight ‘How?’ but also ‘What is the right way?’
I’ll let Martha describe the background to the piece:

Lake Effect snows are a fact of life in Western New York. Usually, cold air blows across the width of the warmer lake waters from Canada to south of Buffalo. Under those conditions and before the lake waters freeze, the Lake Effect storms can dump feet — not inches — of snow in ski country in just a few hours.

But October 12th was early. Fall had barely begun. Trees were still green, their leaves just beginning to turn to the brilliant reds, oranges, and yellows of Autumn. Boats were still moving along the Erie Canal. Snowblowers and generators were still stored in garages, their fuel tanks still empty. Portable radios, snowshovels, firewood, flashlights, bottled water and canned goods were yet to be thought about.

When a light snowfall began, I taped a few sequences — just to have on hand for future projects.

The lake waters were 62-degrees. A cold air mass began moving across Lake Erie, not across its width, but up its length, targeting Buffalo and it’s most populated suburbs.

For many in the Buffalo area, the first realization came with the sounds of huge trees cracking and splitting in the night.

And then, the return to seasonal temperatures and the fast melt. . . And water — everywhere.

No one saw it coming — the ferocity or lethality.

The parks were decimated.

Schools were closed for a week. Telephone lines still downed weeks later.

Thirteen people died.

The damage was the greatest of any storm in Buffalo’s history.

Disco-nnect – Abe Linkoln/JimPunk/Subculture – a mash-up masterclass

6th April 2007 by michael
arts | community | conceptual | experimental | new media art | remix/mashup | serial | video | vlog

Subculture: wr4th_o{-g*d_m:x (2007, 16.6MB, 1:26 min)

& j0hn malk°v:tch )::
JimPunk: & j0hn malk°v:ch ):: (2007, 10.2MB, 59 sec)

Abe Linkoln: 3P150D33 (2007, 6.89MB, 1:12 min)

Remix/collab/podcast running May -Sept, commissioned by
the excellent Turbulence & featuring 3 masters of the genre well known to dvblog regulars
[Subculture being Antonio Mendoza's n0m de rem:x]
Exhilarating & educative too…do yourself a favor & check out the whole project

‘Infancy is a very good state to return to’
- A Ken Turner season.

5th April 2007 by michael
animation | arts | conceptual | experimental | performance | video

the philosophical table
the philosophical table (2006, 6.89MB, 1:28 min)

Over the next few weeks we’re going to feature 9 short pieces by British artist
Ken Turner. (Which form a sequence, but can also be viewed separately)
None of them will be criticised as slick or win any prizes for technical excellence.
Nontheless I’d much rather these, than much of the technically better made but
oh so shallow & glib stuff I see.
They’re quite extraordinary, incorporating philosophical reflection, visual art,
music & performance in a rich & demanding stew.
I particularly warm to their uncompromising nature – here’s a vision,
take it or leave it, but I think you’ll be the richer for engaging.
Also, perhaps rather sentimentally, I love the feeling that here in Cornwall, UK,
is a last continuously enduring pocket of the tremendous artistic radicalism
associated with arts education in the nineteen sixties UK, far from the semi corporate
bottom lineism that is the rule today.
Particularly interested to see comments….
Ken’s site.
Ken talking about his ideas & work.

The Phil Collins Singalong Hour

4th April 2007 by michael
arts | conceptual | performance | satire | strange | tv | vlog

The Phil Collins Singalong Hour
The Phil Collins Singalong Hour (2006, 96.5MB, 9:17 min)

Art Pt1
Art Pt. 1 (2006, 52MB, 8:50 min)

Utterly wonderful & deranged work from Jamie O’Brien.
Up there with the best – well… er… entertainers
in terms of comedic edge & timing & chutzpah & derring-do
but at the same time this work has the imaginative
breadth & the sheer smarts that lots of wannabe
performance artists could only dream about…

Primary and other Remote Locations

3rd April 2007 by michael
arts | community | conceptual | documentary arts | experimental | nature | new media art | performance

Primary and other Remote Locations
Primary and other Remote Locations (2006, 44.5MB, 3 min)

We’ve featured the work of Brett Stalbaum & Paula Poole here before

*****Lewis Carroll like note – when I say before I might mean after
- I can’t remember whether we’ve reposted their other work yet -
something to look forward to perhaps!*****

a couple of times. I’ve been mystified in public here before (ditto)…are
the videos a work in themselves or merely the documentation of the computing/walking/painting/whatever that comprises the process?
I feel like it’s the former (no justification except my bones & the fact that
these vids are both clear & totally elusive..& it makes me a candidate
for Pseud’s corner but it seems to me no accident that the experience
-the way what seems initially straightforward somehow recedes -
of watching them is not unlike that of reading Emerson)
You can check out the details of the work process on the paintersflat
site but watch the video first..it’s ravishing..it conjures up the richness
of the process so beautifully & excitingly & oh now I’m in a loop because
of course I don’t know what the process was like because
I’ve only seen the videos. But they are sticky & fragrant &
evocative & funny in my head…
These folks are doing something very right.