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They’re back!

17th July 2007 by michael
arts | community | conceptual | experimental | historical | movie making | silent

The Postman walks with a spring in his step -They’re back!-
The little girl with freckles & pigtails tumbles joyfully headlong
down the street -They’re back!-
Even Fr. Pinault seems to twinkle ever so slightly..
Now, old Cottard stumbles cantankerously into the boulangerie.
-I don’t understand why everyone’s so damned cheerful today-
-Why, M’sieu, haven’t you heard? They’re back!
The FluxFilms are back on UbuWeb! -

#7 (1966, 5.7MB, 34 sec.)

George Maciunas: ‘Ten Feet’

#25 (1966, 3.5MB, 21 sec.)

George Landow/Owen Land: ‘The Evil Faerie’ (although
Landow/Land denies authorship – it has been suggested
this piece was actually made by John Cavanaugh)

#26 (1965, 7.8MB, 47 sec.)

Paul Sharits: ‘Sears Catalogue 1-3′

Don Whitaker – Wall of Grey

16th July 2007 by michael
community | documentary | experimental | performance

timetwister (2005, 6.6MB, 1:57 min.)

skaterpede (2005, 15.2MB, 4:23 min.)

This guy, Don Whitaker, is simply the poet of the skate park.
He is just a natural & wonderful movie maker: even if you have
no interest whatsoever in the subject matter I defy you not
to be won-over, to be enchanted, by this work
Curators/gallerists out there -what a show these
vids would make!

Sarah Garmisa

13th July 2007 by michael
arts | ephemera | experimental | video

Pan (2006, 10MB, 5:04 min)

Lesbians (2006, 5.7MB, 2:34 min)

Interesting work from young artist Sarah Garmisa.
I’m personally not entirely convinced by Pan although it clearly
cost serious thought & effort & doesn’t lack technical merit.
Lesbians though, is an unqualified success:
witty, precise & executed with no little panache.
I look forward to seeing more.

The Art of Bleeding

12th July 2007 by mica
arts | community | documentary odd | performance | video | vlog

Art of Bleeding
Introduction to First Aid (2005, 24MB, 13 min.)

If you have ever had to train for Red Cross certification,
you will know why this is funny and not just awful.
When I came upon this, I thought to myself,
‘Wow, I am actually, deeply creeped out by this!’ then I thought,
‘This is the kind of sick stuff the internet is all about
and yet is so rare these days!’
So, it is with great pleasure that I can share with you
thirteen disturbing minutes of First Aid presented by LA based
educational cult/performance art group Art of Bleeding Foundation.

Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk by Kevin German

11th July 2007 by doron
arts | community | documentary | photography | video

boardwalk (2007, 32MB, 2:15 min.)

A graceful video by photographer Kevin German.

The Glamazons – Alison Ward

10th July 2007 by mica
arts | community | dance | documentary odd | performance | satire | theatre | video

The Glamazons
Wonder Women (2002, 3.6MB, 1:30 min.)

This wonderful clip of a live performance by The Glamazons,
a New York based dance group created by video artist and
burlesque performer Alison Ward, will make your day.


9th July 2007 by michael
arts | documentary arts | performance | remix/mashup | video | vj

Diffraction (2006, 22.3 MB, 5:23 min.)

Scratching & video: two good things in one package.
DJ GKUT & Brendan Dawes of Manchester, UK, based
outfit magneticNorth run mN’s video-control-by-vinyl tools
through their paces at FACT in Liverpool.
More than neat.

Mark Napier at bitforms gallery nyc

6th July 2007 by doron
architecture | arts | documentary arts | exhibition | experimental | installation | new media art | silent | technology | video

smoke (excerpt) (2007, 7MB, 56 sec.)

‘A symbol of the human desire to monumentalize ideas in physical form,
the Empire State Building is a subject of Mark Napier‘s artwork in the past four years.
This icon of American hegemony is key to exploring shifting structures of power,
specifically the transition from steel to software as the medium of power in our time.’

In Smoke, a generative software installation projected on the bitforms gallery wall.
Images from the show -here.

After You – Christopher Cordingley

5th July 2007 by doron
animation | ephemera | satire | video

After You
After You (2003, 12.2MB, 2:24 min.)

Christopher Cordingley is a character animator at Disney Feature Animation.
‘I liked the idea of conveying emotions through subtleties in posture
and facial expressions. In the end, After You is mainly about the virtue
of patience and thoughtfulness, and the futility of acting out of frustration and anger.’

Internet Explorer or Firefox ?

4th July 2007 by doron
community | documentary | interview | technology | video | vlog

rb_05_dec_02 (2005, 31MB, 4:45 min)

We at DVblog like Firefox of course !!
Classic piece of videoblogging from Rocketboom. (2005)