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The Ties That Bind – Su Friedrich

16th November 2007 by brittany
arts | cinema | documentary arts | experimental | film | historical

Su Friedrich – The Ties That Bind (1984, 14.2MB, 4:03)

From the classic avant-garde filmmaker; a found-footage,
personal and historical documentary reflection on wartime
and Friedrich’s mother’s coming of age in Nazi Germany,
presented here during yet another period of unrest
in our uncertain world.

Men’s Feilfri Footware

15th November 2007 by doron
advertising | commerce | sports | tv | video

Feilfri (2007, 18MB, 30 sec.)

Stunning CGI from

RED ATTACK – Computer Virus Project 2.0

14th November 2007 by doron
arts | conceptual | documentary arts | experimental | new media art | technology | video

Red Attack (2001, 7MB, 1:38 min.)

Joseph Nechvatal‘s 2001 Computer Virus Project 2.0 follows along the same lines as previous viral works by Nechvatal in 1992 – works where an unpredictable progressive virus operates on a degradation/transformation of an image. Using a C++ framework, Joseph Nechvatal and his programmer/collaborator Stephane Sikora have brought Nechvatal’s early computer virus project into the realm of artificial life (A-Life) (i.e. into a synthetic system that exhibits behaviors characteristic of natural living systems). With Computer Virus Project 2.0, elements of artificial life have been introduced in that viruses are modeled to be autonomous agents living in/off the image. The project simulates a population of active viruses functioning as an analogy of a viral biological system.

Jaygo Bloom – O:.O:.O:.

13th November 2007 by michael
arts | conceptual | dance | experimental | historical | music video | performance | theatre | video

O:.O:.O:.(2007, 47.3MB, 59 sec loop)

Quite extraordinary dance video from Jaygo Bloom.
What I love about it is the wonderfully insouciant way
it both references and evokes early modernism
(Calder is cited as a source/inspiration by Bloom) but is also
(and could not be other than) utterly contemporary.
Great! So great it makes me totally jealous!

Camera: Patrick Jamieson and Anna Druka
Music: Hammerschmidt

The Planets – Toine Klaassen

12th November 2007 by doron
arts | conceptual | documentary arts | performance | satire | video

The Planets (2005, 1MB, 1:07 min.)

Toine Klaassen draws attention to the poetry of the unsightly, the small,
and neglected. He collects discarded objects from his surroundings
with no predetermined plan, and subsequently uses these in his work.
Often the work is created in the presence of the public
in a performance setting, in which he makes no attempt
to avoid the absurd.
Or as Klaassen himself states:
“If you catch a butterfly in your hands the powder on its
wings will brush off leaving just a tattered rag.”

Philip Thomas plays Morton Feldman’s Vertical Thoughts 4

9th November 2007 by michael
arts | documentary arts | experimental | historical | performance

Vertical Thoughts 4
Vertical Thoughts 4 (2002, 7.7MB, 3:22 min.)

All we composers really have to work with is time and sound
- and sometimes I’m not even sure about sound.

Morton Feldman.

The pianist is Philip Thomas.
Found in Misha David’s excellent collection of
new music performance videos.
While you’re there check out the rest of his site -he has some
great photographic work archived there too.

Brian Gibson – Parabolic

8th November 2007 by michael
animation | cellphone | experimental | music video | video | vlog

Parabolic (2007, 35.5MB, 4:50 min.)

This bit of intense gorgeousness was made from cell phone
video footage (funny how we still use that word, footage)
by Brian Gibson who sometimes posts here.
If it was simply lovely that would be enough, but it’s very
structured too – Brian has such a great feel for the intrinsic
qualities of the material but also a real editing eye…

Augmented Sculpture by Pablo Valbuena

7th November 2007 by doron
arts | documentary arts | technology | video

Augmented Sculpture (2007, 11.5MB, 3:48 min.)

“This project is focused on the temporary quality of space, investigating space-time
not only as a three dimensional environment, but as space in transformation For this purpose
two layers are produced that explore different aspects of the space-time reality.
The first stage of this project has been developed during Interactivos? 2007, at Medialab Madrid.”

Work by Pablo Valbuena.

Inflatables in Public Space

6th November 2007 by brittany
activism | arts | commerce | community | conceptual | documentary odd | ephemera | humor | performance | politics | strange | technology | video

JooYoun Paek – Self-Sustainable Chair (2007, 4.2MB, 1:37)

Joo Youn Paek demonstrates how to use her
self-sustaining chair on a walk down the street.
This and several related excellent related projects
originate in the NYU ITP program.

Real DMB TU – Life Dress (2007, 5.2MB, 0:33)

From Anna Maria Cornelia (also known by pseudonym
Ann De Gersem), a Life Dress which allows a person
to create instant personal boundaries in public.
As a woman often bothered by unwanted attention
in public – not to mention a lover of profound design
– I am so pleased by this concept, even if the end
result might be even more unsolicited scrutiny.
The dress is featured here in a commercial for
South Korea’s mobile broadcast service, TU Media.

Wim Delvoye, showing skin

5th November 2007 by brittany
arts | conceptual | documentary odd | strange | video

Wim Delvoye – Sybille II (1999, 15.8MB, 4:35)

Wim Delvoye, in addition to his main artistic passion of tattooing pigs,
here shows us what could be worms, mutant fungus, or blackheads
(yes, I know which it is – but I’m not telling).
Things are never as they seem.
This is a little gross, but so are most things when scrutinized this much.