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Papa and Daddy

17th March 2008 by brittany
advertising | commerce | ephemera | humor

Papa and Daddy – Jump Start (2008, 9.8MB, 0:53)

Papa and Daddy (Shawn Preston and Ross Ludwig)
made this terrific 2008 Superbowl commercial,
a fun coincidence since I found their charming ad
work via Food Chain Films, a nice page of several
directors based in Portland.

Lewis LaCook -The Ghosts of Colors

14th March 2008 by michael
arts | conceptual | experimental | remix/mashup | video

the ghosts of colors

The Ghosts of Colors (2006, 1MB, 29 sec)

Lewis LaCook is often brilliant & never less than interesting.

He says of this:
EVP is short for electronic voice phenomena; these are purportedly
“otherworldly” sounds audible only via magenetic tape.
They are often cited as evidence of the supernatural.
Some of the sounds heard in this video are culled from
paranormal research archives.


13th March 2008 by doron
arts | community | documentary arts | performance | video

Cosimo Terlizzi by Regina Irena Radmanovic (2008, 4MB, 1 min.)

Special Mention “1.000 Euro for 1 Minute”, 2008

IlluminAzione by Corrado Bungaro (2007, 4MB, 1 min.)

Winner “1.000 Euro for 1 Minute” 2007

From Videominuto
exhibition of videos not longer than one minute in duration.

Lewis LaCook -<em>Joey</em>

13th March 2008 by michael
animation | conceptual | ephemera | experimental | music video | observational | performance | portraiture | remix/mashup | video | YouTube

Joey (2008, 18.9MB, 1:08 min)

A new video from Lewis LaCook comes too infrequently.
He’s one of a kind in his and here too.
There’s a throwing of everything, including the
kitchen sink, going in his movies & it shouldn’t work
but it so does.
We’ll repost another of his pieces tomorrow; a little feast for you.
Just for the record here’s Lewis’s description of the piece:

Joey, or DJ Joey, as he is affectionately called, is a
young man in Lorain, Ohio, who spends most of his day
dancing on the corner of 28th Street and Elyria Avenue
to his boombox, waving and smiling at passing

This video was constructed of footage found on
YouTube, all dealing with Lorain, Ohio. This is the
first video I

Marc Greenfield’s drought

12th March 2008 by brittany
education | tv

Marc Greenfield – Toothbrush (2004, 5.5MB, 0:31)

Emmy winner Marc Greenfield’s public service
announcement about Denver water
via Food Chain Films

Brian Kim Stefans Again

11th March 2008 by michael
arts | experimental | video

Popahna (2004, 20.7MB, 11:25 min.)

There’s Something About Barney (2004, 3.7MB, 3:35 min.)

More from Brian Kim Stefans.
This is ‘early’ work from 2004 & Barney quite clearly
has an experimental stamp to it -Stefans describes it as at least
in part an homage to Alvin Lucier’s great sound piece “I am Sitting in a Room”.
Popahna in my view is something altogether more
substantial – there’s so much of interest happening here, both
performance wise & in directorial terms. OK, it walks the occasional fine line
but in sum it’s haunting & utterly compelling.
Stefans contrives to give it an immensely powerful narrative forward
drive whilst still remaining nuanced, dreamlike & deeply odd.
Feels like a feature film that has been shrunk to 11 minutes
by a wicked fairy.
Great stuff.

My View

10th March 2008 by brittany
arts | conceptual | documentary arts | ephemera | observational | vlog

Phil Hamilton – My View (2007, 12.6MB, 1:00)

Phil Hamilton doesn’t post video very often.
When he does, it’s just freaking cool.
Phil is now a freshman at the same school where
I’m currently finishing my graduate degree, but
I’ve never see him in real life.
This is a video of his dorm room view.
The music is also original, by him.
His work – all of it – always makes me wish
I was younger, and that is a real compliment.

Ready for the Floor

7th March 2008 by brittany
arts | dance | music video

Hot Chip – Ready for the Floor (2008, 26.6MB, 3:42)

Yeah yeah, more hipster music videos. But they’re so good!
Hot Chip’s second single from their newest album,
featuring their front man in various Joker references,
including the line, “You’re my number one guy,”
originally used repeatedly in 1989′s Batman.
See? You know you love it.
From Nima Nourizadeh.

6th March 2008 by doron
activism | arts | community | documentary arts | education | event | exhibition | technology | video
what the hack it art (2005, 33.5MB, 3:22 min.) was an exhibition and event about hacktivism in Italy.
Video of the opening night by Florian Cramer.

GARhodes – Mirror

5th March 2008 by brittany
arts | conceptual | ephemera | experimental | humor | performance | video

Geoffrey Alan Rhodes – Mirror (2006, 22.2MB, 6:09)

Holy sh*t this is amazing.
Geoffrey Alan Rhodes, aka GARhodes, is an
insanely talented artist across mediums.
The impossible mirror shot only becomes more
impressive as this piece progresses, and I sure do
love reflexive performance art done right.