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Rubber Band Hand – Brian Liloia

16th April 2008 by doron
arts | ephemera | experimental | humor | narrative | video | vlog

Rubber Band Hand (2005, 21.4 MB, 2:47 min.)

A young man discovers the limits of his newfangled
rubber band hand. From – Brian Liloia.

Jillian Mcdonald – Me and Billy Bob

15th April 2008 by doron
arts | cinema | conceptual | experimental | humor | movie | new media art | performance | portraiture | satire | video

Me and Billy Bob (2004, 22.7MB, 7:04 min.)

Jillian inserted herself into existing film clips as the recurring
object of actor Billy Bob Thornton

WalMart Growth

14th April 2008 by brittany
commerce | historical | silent | technology | video

Toby Segaran – WalMart Growth (2008, 6.6MB, 0:46)

Toby Segaran isn’t a media artist – he’s actually
a software developer and writer. But, he made
this excellent video clip of American WalMart growth
from 1962 to the present on his off time at work,
and the way I see it, the best work sometimes
happens when you, well, aren’t working. Similar
to these videos made with the processing language.

LeedsVlog #1

11th April 2008 by michael
arts | education | experimental | video | vlog

Woodhouse Sunset
Woodhouse Sunset (Alison Booth , 2007, 32.9MB, 1:17 min)

21 Today
21 Today (Patrick Devlin, 2007, 20.2MB, 53 secs)

Soundcheck (Chris Harman, 2007, 45.3MB, 3:24 min)

At the end of last year I taught a course, which I rather pompously entitled
‘Videoblogging for Artists’, at Leeds College of Art.
The students made 5 videos each over a ten day period & some of what they
made stands up with the best.
The whole 100 or so to date are up here but I’m going to post two or three batches
of my favourites on dvblog over the next couple of weeks.

Bottomunion – The Endangered P-Money Bird

10th April 2008 by mica
arts | community | experimental | music video | video | vlog

The Endangered P-Money Bird (2005, 14.5MB, 2:23 min.)

Erik Nelson’s videos are always funny and poetic. He posts new work regularly
on his vlog – Bottomunion.
music by – dudley from – Autres Directions.

Standard Operating Procedure

9th April 2008 by brittany
activism | arts | cinema | documentary | education | film | historical | interview | movie | photography | politics | trailer

Errol Morris – Standard Operating Procedure (2008, 11.2MB, 2:00)

We don’t hide our love for Errol Morris – see here
and here – but there’s no need for us to apologize.
The man is a genius. His latest feature, Standard
Operating Procedure
, interviews Abu Ghraib prison
guards and tells the story behind the now-infamous
photographs of abuse from the prison, uncovered in
2003. Dubbed a “nonfiction horror film” by Morris,
this investigative film, much like A Thin Blue Line,
helped Morris once again dig deeper into a crime
file, this one just more contemporary.

When you see a picture, you don’t see outside the frame.

With the frightening pictures as a jumping off point,
Morris interviews those involved with the scandal to
get the whole story.
Can’t wait to see this one.

Rock History

8th April 2008 by doron
activism | animation | arts | community | design | satire | video

Rock History (2006, 6.3 MB, 2:34 min.)

Ugly pictures and Man VS Magnet have created a short film play before
the Battle of the Ad Bands at Irving Plaza in New York. (The show is a
charity venue where advertising agency garage bands compete for the
best band and all the proceeds go to help the public schools of New York.)
The result is a funny and hilarious and violent animation about the recent
music history, and especially the design of the LPs.
from its art mag.

pixelbirds – cube pusher

7th April 2008 by michael
arts | experimental | music video | performance | technology | vj

cube pusher

Cube Pusher (2007, 31MB, 2:49 min)

Deft & very attractive interweaving of video & live performance from pixelbirds.
They make it look effortless; of course it’s anything but.
There’s an interesting form emerging here, with this physical intervention/relation
of live performers to a projection.
This notion has some way to unfold yet, I think, but
this is an excellent staging post.

Anna Chiaretta Lavatelli

4th April 2008 by brittany
arts | conceptual | experimental | film

Anna Chiaretta Lavatelli – SHE:contaminated (2005, 33.5MB, 13:58)

Brooklyn-based Anna Chiaretta Lavatelli works in
video and super 8 film.
An explanation of SHE:contaminated:

An examination of cellular abnormalities in video and
super 8mm film in which the three identities of the
character SHE confront the nature of their malformation,
and the affected woman they have collectively become.

I find this piece so moving, particularly the openly segment.
Her metaphors are completely brilliant and resonate with me,
perhaps mostly as a woman but also as an artist.
Also a huge fan of her supposedly poor compression –
love the idea, love the execution.

Blow Up Media

3rd April 2008 by doron
activism | community | politics | satire | video

DELOS (2007, 36 MB, 7:15 min.)

A great corporate satire by The Blow Up Media.
thanks yoshi.