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A Bronx Kid Comes Home to the Comfort of Sadness

16th January 2009 by doron
arts | community | observational | video | vlog

A Bronx Kid Comes Home to the Comfort of Sadness (2008, 28MB, 3:40 min.)

Junk House Butt House

15th January 2009 by brittany
arts | community | music | remix/mashup | video

Lucid Unison – Bunk House (2008, 37.4MB, 3:52)

Occasional DVblog contributor Brian Gibson‘s latest
project, Lucid Unison, is part art blog, part mashup
collaboration, part band. For the band section, Junk
House Butt House
, they (Brian and partner in crime
Camber Gleim) made a video, seen here. Brian’s
immeasurable talent is always a total pleasure
to experience in whatever form it takes.

Passage to Ill – Nathaniel Stern

14th January 2009 by doron
arts | community | conceptual | documentary | experimental | participatory | portraiture | remix/mashup | serial | video

Passage to Ill (1999, 5.5MB, 2:34 min)

“Passage to Ill was one of the first pieces I wrote as “hektor“,
playing the cynical romantic and trying to get in bed with “Ill”
(a punny nickname for a real person).
After seeing me perform it at the Nuyorican poet

Another Chance

13th January 2009 by brittany
conceptual | music video

Another Chance – Philippe Andre (2001, 13.1MB, 4:57)

“Another Chance” by Roger Sanchez, directed by
Philippe Andre.
According to Andre, this video has received the most
MTV airtime in the dance category.
The girl in this video is my personal hero(ine).

DVblog’s Doron & Michael at HTTP Gallery, London

12th January 2009 by michael
advertising | arts | exhibition | happening | installation | music | remix/mashup | trailer | video

West of the Great Altar of Zeus (Doron, 2009, 27MB, 1:51 min)


9 Third Avenue Haiku (Michael, 2008, 52.7MB, 4:32 min)


We normally avoid posting our own work but this
time we’re going to make an exception.
Doron & I have a joint show at HTTP gallery & we’d like to
invite any DVblog readers in the area to come
along to the private view, this Friday, 16th January.
(Details on the HTTP site linked above)
I’ve posted a piece by each of us (which should
give you a feel for whether you’d love or hate us) but the HTTP
show is going to be a little different from our usual work
so please come along, have a drink, take a look & say hello…

Numa Numa

9th January 2009 by brittany
ephemera | video | viral | webcam

Gary Brolsma – Numa Numa (2004, 3.7MB, 1:39)

Is this where I make the case that this was among
the first viral videos on the internets? Maybe, but
I’d rather just post this charming clip from the
erstwhile Staples employee from New Jersey,
dancing to Romanian pop in his bedroom.

4:33 – Rocketboom Daily with Amanda Congdon

8th January 2009 by doron
community | conceptual | documentary | experimental | participatory | silent | vlog

rb_06_apr_26 (2006, 26.5MB, 4:33 min.)

Sublimity & wit from Amanda Congdon.
from rocketboom, April 26, 2006.

Helmut Oehring – BlauWaldDorf

7th January 2009 by michael
arts | experimental | music | performance | theatre | video

Blau Wald Dorf ( Blue Wood Village) (excerpt) (2001, 1.7MB, 53 secs)

The music of Helmut Oehring is like nothing you’ve ever heard.
A hearing child of deaf mute parents, he incorporates his early
experiences into the music he writes, which frequently features
sign language ( not in a token but a completely necessary and
integrated manner).
The actual sound world of the music, moreover, is suffused with a character that
must surely have been formed by those same early experiences -stringed instruments
are tuned down to points of almost unplayable slackness & there is a fragmentary and
distanced, almost walled-off, quality to it all.
If you’re intrigued by the clip it’s well worth checking out recordings of his stuff.

Lazy Sunday

6th January 2009 by guest editor
arts | community | humor | music video | participatory | remix/mashup

Lazy Sunday (2005, 15.7MB, 2:22 min.)

“watch this video because it

Crosswalk – Kelly Mark

5th January 2009 by brittany
documentary odd | ephemera | observational | silent | video

Kelly Mark – Crosswalk (2001, 1.2MB, 0:38)

Basketball court sprints at a busy intersection. Man unknown.
From Kelly Mark.