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Squeeze Vlog

12th February 2009 by mica
arts | community | experimental | participatory | portraiture | remix/mashup | serial | video | vlog

Squeeze 1, from Mica (2005, 820KB, 36 sec.)

Squeeze 2 (2005, 1MB, 36 sec.), from Charlene Rule.

Squeeze 3 (2005, 680KB, 36 sec.), from Leslye James.

These videos are from the Squeeze project,
the original videoblog remix game.
Squeeze began in December, 2004 and developed
organically through several individual vlogs.

‘Easy Listening’ – Marisa Olson

11th February 2009 by doron
arts | conceptual | documentary arts | music | participatory | performance | portraiture | satire | video

Easy Listening (2005, 4.2MB, 1:56 min.)

At once a performance and performance-documentation, this video
grew out of the admission that much of Marisa Olson

The Pool Cleaner

10th February 2009 by brittany
arts | humor | satire | video

Hammer and Tongs (2005, 16.7MB, 5:43)

More well known now for their music videos and big
screen productions, an older short from Hammer and Tongs.
Pool cleaner played by Hammer, aka Garth Jennings.

Millie Niss – Commercial Spots

9th February 2009 by michael
arts | community | documentary | ephemera | light | narrative | observational | video | vlog

Commercial Spots (2006, 8.4MB)

Archive sutff from the Sporkworld stable, this time from Millie Niss & it has
all the hallmarks that make Sporkworld work such an unalloyed pleasure.
Manifestly bullshit free, apparently straightforward but with onion like layers,
this one wonderfully highlights Niss

“Assembled Cinema” – G.H. Hovagimyan

6th February 2009 by doron
arts | cinema | community | conceptual | experimental | narrative | new media art | participatory | politics

Assembled Cinema (2006, 28.9MB, 5:19 min.)

“You walk into a room and a film/video is projected on a wall.
The scenes played are not in any particular order yet they make sense.
What occurs is that a computer is picking sequences in a random order
and playing them. Your mind and your imagination fill in the story.”

From – G.H. Hovagimyan.

Ingredient X – Tales of Mere Existence

5th February 2009 by mica
animation | arts | documentary arts | humor | narrative | serial | video

The Times I Have Smoked Pot (2005, 1.3 MB, 1:50 min.)

Horny (2005, 1.9MB, 1:21 min.)

A guy named Lev makes these great videos from his comics.
From Ingredient X Productions.

Robert Todd – NEST

4th February 2009 by brittany
abstract | arts | conceptual | documentary arts | film | portraiture | silent

Robert Todd – NEST (2008, 33.2MB, 4:36)

More from the brilliant, always poignant Robert Todd.

The NEST is a place of resting, but for the restless spirit,
it is a moving island. Here we find silence, if not solace.

This film is both the third in a series and the first of a
trilogy. To understand how it fits within Todd’s vision,
you should go watch more on his site. It will take your
breath away.

Gabriel Shalom – Beardbox

3rd February 2009 by michael
animation | arts | conceptual | experimental | humor | music video | performance | portraiture | strange | technology | video

Beardbox (2009, 24.8MB, 2:44 min)

We’ve featured work by Gabriel Shalom here before.
Deft, witty and involving it was then & so it is here too.
Shalom is also public spirited and has just started up this
interesting looking blog
for ‘Both theoretical & practical dialogue
about the future of the cinema’.

This combination of some serious thinking with high level technical chops
promises more of interest in the future -we’ll be watching.
For the moment, more here.

DVblog will eat itself

3rd February 2009 by michael
arts | cinema | conceptual | dance | experimental | film | humor | music | new media art | remix/mashup | video | vlog

mouth study (2005, 7.8MB, 3:40 min)

Using footage from the ‘cutting edge cinema‘ thing
we posted here before Lewis LaCook,
created an utterly exuberant & assured piece of appropriation
video with 186,000 ideas per second.

Dennis Knopf – Bootyclipse

2nd February 2009 by brittany
documentary odd | ephemera | remix/mashup | satire | video | YouTube

Dennis Knopf – Bootyclipse (2007, 18.8MB, 5:38)

Found footage mashups aren’t really anything new, but
Dennis Knopf made this one from YouTube booty dancing
clips, and it makes me laugh every time I watch it.