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Dave Milner – Redmires to Hillsborough and Back

16th September 2009 by michael
arts | community | documentary | memoir | narrative | observational | performance | portraiture | video

Redmires to Hillsborough and Back (2008, 274MB 21:09 min)

I love this piece, partly for sentimental reasons in that it
features the town (and in fact at two points the street)
of my birth and upbringing, but it’s not simply that.
I like the formal device upon which Dave Milner hangs this austere
& accurate portrait of a greyish October Sheffield.

Austere, but not without warmth or humour: Milner’s tussle with his SatNav,
his under the breath impatience at the traffic & the various other small
en-route mishaps lend a three dimensionality and a narrative forward
motion to what could be easily have been either a dry exercise or simply
a bit of ,for want of a better word, internet folk art…

Milner’s site, with both contemporary and (slightly) historical photos
of Sheffield and other places is compelling too.
Again, I plead guilty to a personal interest in the places times and
themes but it’s the thoroughness devoted to an evocation of place
and time that is both effective and moving.

Oliver Laric – Versions

15th September 2009 by doron
arts | community | conceptual | exhibition | humor | new media art | observational | remix/mashup | satire | video

Versions (2009, 57 MB, 6:25 min)

By Oliver Laric.
From The Internet Pavilion of La Biennale di Venezia.

Private Screening

14th September 2009 by brittany
arts | documentary arts | ephemera | nature | observational | vlog

Charlene Rule – Private Screening (2009, 10.9MB, 1:38)

Lovely view from Scratch TV.