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Thomas Bayrle – (b)alt

17th January 2011 by doron
animation | arts | experimental | identity | new media art | portraiture | video

(b)alt (1997, 2 MB, 22 sec.)

Thomas Bayrle has been pursuing the concept of developing ‘superstructures’
from encapsulated image patterns since the 1960s. He uses it for drawings,
photocopy-montages or film animations, at first needing to work painstakingly
by hand. It is now possible to process images like this more or less automatically
by computer. Thomas Bayrle meets his grandson in the computer-animated video
‘(b)alt’ and uses interconnecting, superimposed image patters to address the
sequence of human generations sensually as well as metaphorica”
From Media Art Net.

Chris Caines – Mathematics

14th January 2011 by michael
arts | conceptual | experimental | math | narrative | text

Mathematics (2010, 163MB, 10:40 min)

There’s a wonderful deadpan quality to this piece from Chris Caines,
which captures dream logic perfectly (and satisfyingly -
I was worried about bathos and I needn’t have.)
It looks and sounds rather sumptuous too.
I do wonder if it couldn’t have moved just a tad quicker…

Annie Abrahams

13th January 2011 by michael
arts | collaboration | conceptual | event | experimental | installation | network | new media art | performance | poetry | realtime | technology | video

Mutant #2 (2010, 64MB, 4:04 min)

Annie Abrahams is a singular and compelling voice, her singularity
ironically copper-bottomed by her willingness to embrace the network
& collaboration thereon fearlessly, inquisitively and to always
striking effect. This piece is described as a video arising out of
the second session of a
“Telematic Performance / Experiment investigating communication and
relational dynamics in a dispersed group.”

and it’s bewitching.
The pages documenting it bear the motto
“Communication is never clean, smooth and transparent”
True – and to turn that truth into crystalline & affecting art is a little miracle.

Derek Larson – Measurement: Burn

12th January 2011 by doron
arts | conceptual | serial | tribute | video

Measurement: Burn (2010, 50MB,1:52 min.)

“Part I of the Measurement series; displaying approximate measurements in
video space in reference to Mel Bochner‘s 1969 piece, Measurement: Shadow.”

Ethernet Orchestra Networked Improvisation Live on FBi Radio, Sydney

11th January 2011 by michael
arts | audio | collaboration | community | experimental | performance | realtime | technology

Ethernet Orchestra on FBi Radio (2010, 92MB, 11:48 min)

More from the splendid Ethernet Orchestra with:
in Sydney, Australia – Roger Mills (Processed Trumpets), Bukhchuluun Ganburged (Mongolian Horse fiddle and throat singing) and Yavuz Uydu (Turkish Oud and Bendir)

in Londrina, Brazil – Chris Vine (Guitar)

and in Braunschweig, Germany – Martin Slawig (Laptop Electronics and Max/MSP processing).

All of it great, though I’m particularly a sucker for the throat singing.

Curt Cloninger -TOM

10th January 2011 by michael
arts | cinema | conceptual | experimental | historical | music video | new media art | remix/mashup | video

see me
See Me (2011, 57MB, 6:11 min)

feel me
Feel Me (2011, 11MB, 1:03 min)

Two parts of a rather good new work -
TOM (an instrumental rock opera remix in four parts)
by Curt Cloninger, of whom we are fans.
He remixes the 1975 film of the Who’s rock opera Tommy to striking effect.
I can’t imagine crossing the road to see the original, even for free, but
here Curt’s sense of beauty, drama and balance – which have served him
well in a number of works and projects involving remix/appropriation, notably
his fantastic playdamage project -
redeem banality to something genuinely affecting.
More next week.

Brian Bress – rock your body

7th January 2011 by doron
arts | conceptual | dance | humor | identity | participatory | video

rock your body (2007, 31 MB, 4:45 min.)

by Brian Bress.

Chris Laxton/Yell at Birds – Curse Her Black Heart

6th January 2011 by michael
arts | math | music video | technology

the mouse escapes
Curse Her Black Heart (2010, 137MB, 4:24 min)

Chris Laxton’s creative deployment of a turntable & nice fractal images…

Omer Golan – Non-Linear Creation

5th January 2011 by doron
arts | community | documentary arts | installation | new media art | participatory | process/systems | realtime | remix/mashup | screening | technology

Non-Linear Creation (2010, 58 MB, 3:16 min.)

Installation at ‘Fresh Paint 3‘ in Old Jaffa Port, Israel. the project is based on a live
camera input where the video camera is mounted above a the projection screen.
“The thought behind “Non-Linear Creation” is to think about video as some sort
of a “streaming deck of cards” which I shuffled again and again in real time using
Cycling74′s Max. I collected in a memory buffer the latest 60 cards/video frames,
shuffled them and played the outcome in 30 frames per second. The result is a video in
which the viewer is in constant, unnatural, flickering present, as it is reflected in the video.”
By Omer Golan.

Nuit blanches 2010 Metz, France with DIEZ and paradigme

4th January 2011 by doron
abstract | architecture | arts | audio | collaboration | design | documentary arts | event | experimental | installation | light | new media art | performance | process/systems | technology | vj

Nuit blanches 2010 – DIEZ and paradigme (2010, 41 MB, 1:55 min.)

Collaboration of Video mapping, light and sound installation, done for
Nuit blanches 2010 Metz.
Audio Visual design by paradigme.
Scenography and video mapping by DIEZ.