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Talking About DVblog

17th May 2011 by michael
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Electronic Village Galleries Talk 6th May 2011 (2011, 164MB, 32:14 min)

Gosh -where to start?
Awhile back we were approached to assemble a selection of
work from DVblog for screening at a gallery in the UK.
This reel then took on a bit of a life of its own, showing
at the museum of club culture in Hull, UK and at the Buffalo Literary Center, New York.
(of course ‘a life of its own’ is completely unfair – it got shown because real
human beings -Kerry Baldry and Martha Deed respectively – put work into making it happen.)
Then Kate Southworth, who is running a brilliant pilot project
involving showing digital work in village halls in Cornwall, in the extreme
south-west of the UK, asked if I’d be interested in curating something
and the reel immediately sprang to mind..

To cut a long story short it was shown at the second EVG event at
Zennor village hall on 7th May and I went down to talk (at some
I notice with a certain degree of horror)
about digital video on the net, DVblog in particular and about the
artists involved in this selection.
Here, for better or for worse, is my talk, filmed, heroically, given my
restless delivery style, by Delpha Hudson.
If you’d like to reconstruct the programme for yourself it’s below, with links to
the original DVblog posts.

And if you’d be interested in screening it, please get in touch!
(We also have a reel of silent work which has been screened with
musical accompaniment and is available for more such outings.)

JimPunk, 2010: T

Ruth Catlow - Landscape

16th May 2011 by michael
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Landscape (2011, 114MB, 3:12 min)

Ravishing piece of work from my friend and colleague Ruth Catlow
who is also co-director of the indispensible

We’ve been talking a lot amongst ourselves and with our students about
continuities across art history and about hybrid techniques which
meld both the ancient and the newest.
Filmed in the New Forest, this piece (apart from its great beauty)
is an exemplar of this approach and pathbreaking in its way.
(More so than much which, dull-eyed, shouts and waves the latest thing
from the rooftops.)
The oldest kind of mark making, delicately but robustly realised,
captured on a tiny portable video camera in a semi-performative
way and then networked…
Beautiful and nourishing both.

Cory Arcangel – UMMA Projects: Creative Pursuits

13th May 2011 by doron
animation | arts | community | conceptual | documentary arts | exhibition | humor | installation | new media art

Creative Pursuits (2010, 12 MB, 1:03 min)

Images from Cory Arcangel show – Creative Pursuits at
the University of Michigan Museum of Art.

Can I get an Amen? – Nate Harrison

12th May 2011 by mica
arts | audio | community | conceptual | documentary arts | education | installation | music | technology | video

Can I Get An Amen
Can I Get An Amen? (2004, 34.3MB, 18:08 min.)

from Nate Harrison.
This documentation of an installation by Nate Harrison,
includes an in depth lecture on the history of a single breakbeat.
It follows this small fragment of a song from its origin in a 60′s soul
recording through the invention of house and contemporary hip-hop.
It also speaks very eloquently on the important issues of copyright in
remix culture. This is fascinating to listen to.

Jimi Bogdanov

11th May 2011 by michael
arts | ephemera | experimental | video | vlog

Movie #4
Movie #4 (2006, 1.9MB, 44 sec)

Movie #14
Movie #14 (2006, 2.9MB, 1:12 min)

Interesting work from Canadian film maker Jimi Bogdanov.

Movie #4 , in particular, has a fragile & arresting beauty.


10th May 2011 by michael
conceptual | ephemera | experimental | video | viral | vj

Roundabout (n/d, 5MB, 35 sec.)

Found in the inspiration section of VJ Forums.

William Wegman & Steve Martin

9th May 2011 by michael
arts | community | documentary arts | humor | identity | performance | satire | serial | tv

William Wegman & Steve Martin
Martin on Wegman (1999, 3.75MB, 2:09 min.)

The introduction to the identity program from the PBS series
Art in the 21st Century in which host Steve Martin is featured
in this charming and quirky video by the artist William Wegman.

Alan Sondheim – Two Movies

6th May 2011 by michael
animation | arts | conceptual | experimental | landscape | performance | place | second life | video

after the fall
After the Fall (2011, 44 MB, 1:01 min)

Antenna (2011, 65 MB, 57 secs)

Two very different and very beautiful movies from Alan Sondheim.

HD VIDBLOG #119 – Research

5th May 2011 by doron
arts | ephemera | humor | satire | serial | strange | vlog

HD VIDBLOG #119 (2006, 5.9MB, 3:09 min.)

“Why would somebody make something like this?”
by Prof. Chris Weagel from – human-dog.

Love is a Wave

4th May 2011 by michael
arts | collaboration | music video | remix/mashup | video

Love is a Wave (2010, 17MB, 1:59 min)

Another video for Crystal Stilts by the
difficult-to-discover-any-details-about armyofkids.
As with the first we posted (also, apparently, by aok)
stylish and dashing both.