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Two from Blip Boutique

10th February 2012 by brittany
arts | conceptual | documentary arts | experimental | video

Blip Boutique – Not In Love (2007, 30.2MB, 1:28)

Blip Boutique – 24 in 60: hollywood (2007, 18.8MB, 1:14)

Two shorts from 2007, from Blip Boutique,
makers of fine viral, art, and music videos

Woody Allen/Nathaniel Stern

9th February 2012 by michael
arts | cinema | conceptual | experimental | remix/mashup

At Interval
at interval (1977/2006, 24.3MB, 13:22 min)

Early work from the redoubtable Nathaniel Stern where he reworked,
in the most curious of ways, Woody Allen’s Annie Hall.
Interesting that although the working method here seems
almost diametrically opposed to the hands on, performative
approach found in his odys series here too is that same
sense of the fragility & vulnerability of human beings and their
bodies & psyches & of the unreliability of the language we use
to try & make what we want to happen & to relate or lie about what did .

Dr Hairy in Child Safety

8th February 2012 by michael
arts | community | education | humor | narrative | performance | puppetry | serial | video

child safety
Child Safety (2011, 189MB, 16:19 min)

Latest adventures of Edward Picot’s splendid Dr Hairy.

‘Want’ by MTAA & RSG

7th February 2012 by doron
arts | audio | community | conceptual | documentary arts | exhibition | installation | new media art | portraiture | technology

Want (clip) (2008, 74 MB, 2 min.)

Want was a new multiple channel algorithmic video installation as part of the exhibition
‘Live’ at the Beall Center for Art & Technology.
The life-sized six-screen video display uses custom software to monitor real time
Internet searches. When the software finds a programmed keyword, it triggers a
video clip of one of several actors/avatars who translates the virtual request to reality.

A soccer mom says,’I want French.’
A rocker dude says, ‘I want Star Trek Enterprise.’
A nondescript middle-aged guy says, ‘I want Little Girl.’
A girl says, ‘I want Forever.’

The six video screens are triggered almost concurrently, causing the voiced requests
to overlap. The result is an audio-visual cacophony of desire; an online echo chamber
of warped reality.

By MTAA and RSG.

Hal Hartley – Henry Fool

6th February 2012 by michael
arts | cinema | film | trailer

Henry Fool trailer
Henry Fool -trailer (1997, 5.2MB, 2:05 min.)

Henry Fool clip
Henry Fool -clip (1997, 3.3MB, 57 secs)

In a rationally ordered universe Hal Hartley would be feted
as one of the most thoughtful, bold & innovative filmakers
of the last 20 years.
We showed the trailer for Fay Grim, his sequel to 1997’s Henry Fool
here awhile back.
Here’s ’s the trailer from Henry Fool & also a short clip.

While we wait for the next one ( this month, if you’re lucky
enough to be in New York) there’re a couple of good
Hartley things available from the indispensable
microcinema international.

Afrobeats Week – #5 // EL – Obuu Mo (Azonto Version)

3rd February 2012 by michael
arts | bliss | dance | music video | YouTube

EL - Obuu Mo (Azonto Version)
EL – Obuu Mo (Azonto Version) (2011, 89 MB, 4:23 min)

“Look boy, I’m changing my trajectory of isotopes to my temporal place of domicile,
to cause a thermostatical refreshment, to my gorgeous masculine homosapien.
I don’t want any discombobulation by the time I come back. Is that clear?”

Afrobeats Week – #4 // D’Banj Oliver Twist Dance Competition #2

2nd February 2012 by michael
arts | bliss | dance | music video | YouTube

My Backyard Crew - Oliver Twist
My Backyard Crew – Oliver Twist (2011, 18 MB, 3:57 min)

Afrobeats Week – #3 // EL – One Ghana for your Pocket

1st February 2012 by michael
arts | bliss | dance | music video | YouTube

EL - One Ghana for your Pocket
EL – One Ghana for your Pocket (2011, 45 MB, 3:20 min)