Speed Reenactment w IP Relay

29th June 2009
audio | cinema | conceptual | experimental | humor | narrative - Annie

Speed Reenactment w IP Relay (2009, 10MB, 2:34 min)

The dynamic between the two characters in Joel Holmberg’s Speed Reenactment w IP Relay is something like a London tourist trying to get a Queen’s Guard to flinch; but markedly more dynamic and impressive thanks to the hint of excitement and sass that arises in the operator’s voice, specifically when demanding a ransom of $3.7 million. And such a reaction comes from an operator whom we can only assume deals with frequent unoriginal prank calls, giving the piece a kind of insider approval that elevates it above mere tomfoolery. Holmberg revitalizes the long history of crank calls with conceptual soundness, illustrating the mode of inquiry of many a smart-ass net/video/new media artist: How can I get a laugh out of used-up pop entertainment without getting up from my computer?

If you enjoy this, Eddo Stern’s animation of a found script in Best Flamewar Ever should also please.