Florian Cramer – Floppy Films

21st September 2009
arts | conceptual | experimental | music video | new media art | performance | remix/mashup | technology | video - michael

nkdlunch (2009, 1:24MB 2:44 min)

coraria (2009, 1:35MB 2:09 min)

Ultimately, personally, I admire these more than I like them.
It’s clever/witty stuff, no doubt, squeezing sections of films,
or mash-ups thereof, down to the size of the old floppies
but you just feel it pretty much stops there. Is there much
to actually watch/engage with & if there is, how much of this
arises from the original material before the conceptual
shenanigans commence?
This is especially marked in ‘Coraria’, which feels entirely
parasitic upon John Cage and upon the tremendous performance &
photogenic qualities of Cora Schmeiser.
Hmm. You decide.

[There's a more detailed ( & sympathetic!) account here
& you can buy the pieces on floppy, should you feel so moved, here]