Doron Golan – Forgot

24th March 2008
arts | conceptual | experimental | literature | narrative | performance | silent | theatre | video - michael

Forgot (2008, 98.3MB, 12:06 min, silent theatrical act)

This is simply wonderful.
Doron’s work is strange – it doesn’t lend itself to blow by blow verbal description:
er..‘Some actors perform in a silent movie based on Waiting for Godot
Then you actually look at it (or if you haven’t you should, you really should).
The grammar of his editing is completely unique & mysterious (a feature of all his longer pieces).
‘Why did he do that?’‘Dunno – but it made my spine tingle’
Work like this often slips under the radar because it has no easy marketing line,
it can’t be glibly summed up, reduced to an easily digestible one-liner.
Work like this is food you have to chew a little…but what flavour & what nourishment!

Also, the acting ( and the director/actor collaboration) is outstanding.
Smart, funny, puzzling, touching by turns…and generous also…

With Theodore Bouloukos, Joanne Douglas, Brian Gibson and Stephanie Noritz