Dawid Krępski & Jason Chiu – Fall into Light

18th May 2012
arts | music video | strange | video - michael

Fall into Light
Fall into Light (2012, 209MB, 3:57 min)

For about the first twenty seconds I didn’t think I was going to like
this music video by Dawid Krępski & Jason Chiu, or at least that I
would remain easily indifferent and unmoved.

Then, ..well.. , it’s a slow burn but it gently explodes, if that’s not too
much of an oxymoron, into something fertile and strange that won’t let
go of you.
I don’t think there probably is a narrative but, as you watch, the piece
fools you into believing there is, one straight from a fever dream.

Song: Beca – Fall into Light
Directed: Dawid Krępski & Jason Chiu

Actors: Kelsey Peterson, Fred Geyer
D.O.P: Dawid Krępski & Jason Chiu

Edit: Dawid Krępski
Special thanks: Magdalena Gaca, Michael McKeogh