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Nathaniel Stern – Sentimental Construction

 Sentimental Construction
Sentimental Construction (2007, 25.4MB, 6:31 min)

Nathaniel Stern took a bit of a hammering in various quarters for this piece,
made on a residency in Croatia.
I think there’s an probably an element of you-had-to-be-there about this
although, that said, I think the video is rather magical &
does as good a job of summoning the kind of ephemeral spell this stuff can weave
as any I’ve seen.
Lastly it has to be said the reason Nathaniel is great is because
(1) he has a frightening amount of energy, more indeed, really, than his fair share -
he starts 5 ‘isms’ before breakfast
(2) he is bold, unafraid to risk looking ridiculous & therefore quite often as an artist
he goes to much more interesting places than most…
In general I’ll take a Nathaniel “failure” over quite a lot of folks’ “success”.

‘I feel like a frigging performing monkey’

Breakfast (2006, 8.6MB, 3:46 min.)

There’s a quiet surrealism that is a feature (not the defining feature, but very much
there) of Martha Deed’s work. Well…it’s somewhere in the surreal, magical-realist,
what-have-you ballpark & it arises, I think, out of a careful & dispassionate (but not
lacking in warmth) observation of small things, sometimes domestic,
sometimes a telling detail of something bigger & darker.
Here she’s in domestic mode & it’s & light & charming but don’t mistake that for
trivial. it’s not.