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Sam Renseiw – Belt Crossing

Belt Crossing (2009, 9.1MB, 1:04 min)

Absolutely exquisite 2009 Lumière from Sam Renseiw

Sam Renseiw - Change of Colour

Change of Colour
Change of Colour (2007, 6.16MB, 1:00 min)

Does what it says on the packaging & sublimely.
This is so beautiful.
A Lumière from Sam Renseiw.

Henrik Capetillo: Moments – Illusions

moments, illusions
Moments-Illusions (2003, 44MB, 8:35 min)
Recommended to us by the estimable Sam Renseiw here’s work
by his fellow Copenhagen based artist Henrik Capetillo.
I’m assuming that since at one point this file flashes up
“PREVIEW VERSION” the actual piece is considerably higher res.
I’d love to see that version because what we get from this is
a bit of a tease – I think for this kind of digital drawing intervention
into real world footage to really work everything has to be nice and
crisp and seamless ( Rick Silva, for example, is a master at this). That said, it’s
still a haunting bit of work which lingers in the memory and makes one want more.

Sondheim & an Ad…

rilkes tongue
Rilkes Tongue (2006?, 73 MB, 1:44 min)

“something to stare at

This is a few years old, but hasn’t been put up; the dancer is Maud
Liardon, either Foofwa or I held the camera and made the video and
effects reminiscent of G. Moreau come to life, the church is in the
Swiss Alps, Rilke was buried behind it, murals of tormented hell,
angelic world of Elegies, we were transported”


…Alan Sondheim is one of the artists whose work you can see if
you can get to Nottingham, UK this Thursday – Sunday, 11th-14th Nov, 12-5 pm, in the first offline
appearance by DVblog, where a 45 minute program of work first posted here
will be continuously screened at The Wasp Room, part of Tether Studios.

Tether Studios,
17a Huntingdon Street

tel: 07729124336

Artists featured:
Kerry Baldry, Steven Ball, Robert Croma, Rupert Howe, JimPunk, Donna Kuhn, Morrisa Maltz, Millie Niss, Giles Perkins, Sam Renseiw, Alan Sondheim, Nathaniel Stern, Liz Sterry, Eddie Whelan

Also – if you’re reading this & are interested in screening this program -we have both PAL and NTSC
DVDs available. Just mail us!

Sam Renseiw -Two Recent Movies

More Landscaping Views (2010, 54MB, 3:47 min)

Art and Traffic (2010, 14MB, 1:00 min, silent)

We haven’t had anything from the indispensable Sam Renseiw
for a little while so, just to make Monday more tolerable for us all,
here are two recent pieces, both small gems.
I particularly like the Lumière, ‘Art and Traffic’


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Amazing (2005, 4.1MB, 2:02 min.)

I found this in my DVblog to-do folder & embarassingly
I can’t remember when or from where I downloaded it.*
If anyone can oblige please mail us.
Anyway, it made me laugh quite immoderately.

* Update -the splendid Sam Renseiw rides to the rescue with
this link.

2 from Lumière et Son

time travel
Time Travel (2010, 10 MB, 1:10 min)

A Right of Passage
A Right of Passage (2010, 14 MB, 1:04 min)

We’ve not hidden our enthusiasm here for the work,
always interesting ,often stunning, of Sam Renseiw.
Sam’s been a particularly deft & prolific exponent of the
Lumière form re-invented/discovered/conceptualised
by Andreas Haugstrup Pedersen and Brittany Shoot (of this manor).

Here the whole thing goes a stage further with a great
collaboration between Renseiw and British filmmaker/sound artist
Philip Sanderson, archived on a site called Lumière et Son
which title, for me at least, occasions both a groan and a kind of grudging admiration.

The work is great – Renseiw’s originals, with new found-sound additions
from Sanderson; playful, witty and perhaps even a a little profound,
in a Zen kind of way.

I hadn’t really clocked it properly until I saw a couple of these pieces
at a screening in London the other day.

Here’s one from that programme (the original of which
we posted here a while ago) plus another that especially
tickled me.
Splendid stuff & here’s to many more!

Sam Renseiw – Fragmented Occurences

Fragmented Occurences
Fragmented Occurences (2010, 67MB, 4:33 min.)

It’s a little while since we featured anything from the splendid Sam
, so here’s a recent piece.
In contrast to many of his films, which have an incredibly strong
sense of a particular place, this was apparently composed
from odds and ends of footage from various locations during the last
few months.
I think it works beautifully; it’s instructive to see Sam intervening,
perhaps a little more than usual, at the editing level.
(His camera work is always very distinctive – there’s often a sense
-true or not- that many pieces are largely composed in the shooting.)

Whatever the case, this is, as always, a wonderful and utterly distinctive voice.

PS This is our 1000th post of the new series. Many thanks to all who have sent words of encouragement & appreciation. It makes the time spent working on DVblog feel doubly worthwhile.

Interior Footage with Canine

Interior Footage with Canine
Interior Footage with Canine (2009, 13 MB, 57 secs)

Exquisite Lumière from the ever reliable, ever astonishing, Sam Renseiw
at spacetwo : patalab.

Dom Cheverti – Throwing Chamberlains

Bowl (2009, 2 MB, 1:52 min)

Bowl/Glass (2009, 2 MB, 1:01 min)

Bowl/Flower/Vase (2009, 3 MB, 57 secs)

little river
Little River (2009, 2 MB, 1:00 min)

Recommended to us by the sublime Sam Renseiw who,
when he speaks, we listen.
Nonetheless I had some difficulties in coming to grips with this.
Sam tells me it relates to some current You Tube thing whereby people
throw ping-pong balls into various receptacles with a high degree of accuracy.

Clearly I should stay in more.

So…in this case the balls are substituted by a species of cookie, apparently
known in Denmark as ‘chamberlains’.
(I asked Sam exactly what a chamberlain was.
He says:
“Chamberlains is an odd translation of ‘kammerjunker’ that
can both be a chamberlain and danish cookie/biscuit.
It is usually consumed in summer with “koldsk