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Alan Sondheim – Over The Edge

Over The Edge (2010, 49MB, 1:37 min)

Alan Dojoji Pushes Fau Ferdinand in the Water because
She’s not Paying Him any ATTENTION!

so the story will be about I’m trying DESPERATELY TO GET YOUR ATTENTION,
but you’re ignoring me because you’re away or sleeping or not watching the
terrific goings-on in OpenSim so I sneak up on you (because you’re not
looking) and push you into the water which is very difficult because
pushing avatars requires the greatest skill, making sure that the pusher
is right behind the pushee, otherwise the pushee escapes, so you’re pushed
into the water and just as you’re falling you wake up and type “UOY” which
can only mean it’s a backwards world, and then we’re both in the water and
I’m dancing furiously and AGAIN YOU’RE PAYING NO ATTENTION!

Alan Sondheim

Sondheim & an Ad…

rilkes tongue
Rilkes Tongue (2006?, 73 MB, 1:44 min)

“something to stare at

This is a few years old, but hasn’t been put up; the dancer is Maud
Liardon, either Foofwa or I held the camera and made the video and
effects reminiscent of G. Moreau come to life, the church is in the
Swiss Alps, Rilke was buried behind it, murals of tormented hell,
angelic world of Elegies, we were transported”


…Alan Sondheim is one of the artists whose work you can see if
you can get to Nottingham, UK this Thursday – Sunday, 11th-14th Nov, 12-5 pm, in the first offline
appearance by DVblog, where a 45 minute program of work first posted here
will be continuously screened at The Wasp Room, part of Tether Studios.

Tether Studios,
17a Huntingdon Street

tel: 07729124336

Artists featured:
Kerry Baldry, Steven Ball, Robert Croma, Rupert Howe, JimPunk, Donna Kuhn, Morrisa Maltz, Millie Niss, Giles Perkins, Sam Renseiw, Alan Sondheim, Nathaniel Stern, Liz Sterry, Eddie Whelan

Also – if you’re reading this & are interested in screening this program -we have both PAL and NTSC
DVDs available. Just mail us!

Alan Sondheim: large tree-scan world images

treee (2006, 2.28MB, 1:03 min)

treees 3
treees 3 (2006, 5.86MB, 38 sec)

treees 8
treees 8 (2006, 9.15MB, 58 sec)

“similar to a scanning electron microscope, two images of a moving tree
with enormous detail were stitched together, warped, merged, and
analyzed at every stage. the result is a planetary configuration; one can travel
for at least an hour or two through the detailing. at times threads or
tubes appear; at times there are planes, sharpened edges, odd holes and
gaps. a tetrahedral mapping was employed.

it is this acute exploration of acute angles of inner worlds that
fascinates me. the mp4 file is small and an enormous amount of detail
is lost, but you get the idea. there are videos as well of course.
here is the resurrection of encapsulated movement-into-landscape of a
five-story tree outside the virtual environments laboratory at west

Alan Sondheim

Sondheim – Watching Them

Watching Them (2010, 14MB, 38 secs)


ALL-BEARING Omniparous
ALL-CHEERING That which gives gaiety to all.
ALL-CONQUERING That which subdues every thing.
ALL-DEVOURING That which eats up every thing.
ALL-FOURS A low game at cards, played by two.
ALL-HAIL All health.
ALL-HALLOWN The time about All-saints day.
ALL-HALLOWTIDE The term near All-saints, or the first of November.
ALL-HEAL A species of iron-wort.
ALL-JUDGING That which has the sovereign right of judgment.
ALL-KNOWING Omniscient, allwise.
ALL-SEEING That beholds every thing.
ALL-SOULS DAY The day on which supplications are made for all souls
by the church of Rome; the second of November.
ALL-SUFFICIENT Sufficient to any thing.
ALL-WISE Possessed of Infinite Wisdom

(From John Walker’s Critical Pronouncing Dictionary, 1825 ed.)

38 seconds of strange & aching beauty from Alan Sondheim.
The text above accompanied the original posting
of the vid on the Netbehaviour & Webartery lists.

Sondheim – 2 Short Dance Loops

Poseurs (2009, 2 MB, 3 sec silent loop)

Twitchch (2009, 5 MB, 6 sec silent loop)

Two short pieces by Alan Sondheim, with Azure Carter
and Foofwa d’Imobilit


involuntaries #4 (2009, 68.4MB 7:35 min)

Love all Sondheim’s stuff but particularly the dance work.
Here he is with Azure Carter & the jaw-dropping Foofwa d’Imobilité.
Extremely odd & extremely wonderful.
There’s lots more of these on Foofwa’s site ,
all well worth checking out.
( Plus a Foofwa conducted interview with the late Merce Cunningham)


laminanimal (2006, 8.3MB, 1:18 min)

Strange & beautiful.
Strange & beautiful & nightmarish & funny & exhilarating.
From Alan Sondheim.

Sondheim – Swirl

Swirl (2008, 21MB, 1:05 min)

Regular visitors will be aware of how little excuse we need
to post work from the formidable Alan Sondheim.
So…it’s Wednesday… – here’s one of his recent Second Life
His accompanying text appears below.

Jennifer and Julu: Clean yourselves, you dirty boys!
Jennifer and Julu: Clean yourselves, you dirty girls!
Julu: Hello Nikuko, you are looking wonderful this very morning.
Nikuko: Hello Julu, why you are looking odd I do think!
Julu: And my leg too hanging by a thread! Nikuko, where are you?
Nikuko: Oh dear you are half-blind Julu!
Julu: And you are All-Blind-Nikuko!
Julu: Can you see anything here? Can you see anything at all?
Nikuko: I hear your voice!
Nikuko: You do not, Julu, you do not have anything!
Julu: Maud, you must move slightly to your left, thank you.
Julu: Maud, you are not looking properly or you would move!
Nikuko: I am looking just fine, thank you!
Nikuko: I am so, I’m trying as hard as you are!
Julu: Adjust yourself!
Julu: You are adjusting yourself in a very wrong way!
Julu: It is 10:30 and you have just lost your head!
Nikuko: Ha ha ha I have lost my head over you!
Julu: And hello Nikuko, and how are you?
Nikuko: Now we will Swirl and Change.

‘Embedded’ – Alan Sondheim in Santa Monica

restart (2006, 9KB, 4 min. loop)

shift (2006, 5.1MB, 57 sec.)

jig (2006, 2.8MB, 32 sec.)

We’re Alan Sondheim fans here at dvblog.
When so much work on the web is banal & lacking in ambition
he is an antidote, a tonic, a reason to hope.
His restless energy & intelligence transmute everything
he engages with into art (remember Picasso & those handlebars?)
Those living in the Santa Monica area might have seen his installation
‘embedded’ (also including work by filmmaker Leslie Thornton)
at the Track 16 gallery in 2006.

K H Jeron – Röhrender Hirsch

 Röhrender Hirsch
Röhrender Hirsch (2007, 7.3MB, 9 sec)

Bracing & clever stuff from KH Jeron a.k.a Sim.
By the magic of programming he transmutes the result
of a Google image search ( presumably on Reindeer or some such)
into this video.
I originally wanted to post another vid crafted by similar means,
image searching on the contents of a text by dvblog favourite Alan Sondheim,
but the vid ,even with small picture size, is way too big for us.
Check that out here, though.