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Jim Punk & Antonio Mendoza – Dysleksic

dudeboat (2012, 2 MB, 11 secs)

misteriosoxxx (2012, 4 MB, 41 secs)

Slightly traducing the spirit of the project where
the two artists mix, hack and otherwise mutate
and abut up to 9 videos simutaneously in the same web page
as a (very welcome) online adjunct to the current Drawing Surrealism
show at LACMA, we’re featuring a couple of the component parts.
(Because we love both these artists and we want to publicise
everything they do, which is never, ever, dull.)
To view it properly go (and keep on going back) to the
project page and to learn more go here.

bad l.a. pool water – Antonio Mendoza

bad l.a. pool water (2010, 31MB, 4:14 min.)

Antonio Mendoza remix Music by ‘no johnny’.

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Velvet Jacko – Antonio Mendoza

Velvet Jacko (2008, 14MB, 2:14 min.)

by Antonio Mendoza from
more vids here.

Remix – Antonio Mendoza

State of the Union (2006, 3.7 MB, 1:06 min.)

Heroine (2006, 7.7 MB, 2:28 min.)

Remix. Bush- “State of the Union”, inspired by Abe Linkoln’s “Isabelle Dinoire”,
and “Comic Strip”, a music video generic cialis 10mg by Serge Gainsborough & Brigitte Bardot.
by – Antonio Mendoza.

Resexed Pistols – Antonio Mendoza

Resexed Pistols
Resexed Pistols (2006, 6.4MB, 2:06 min)

“another remix of the sex pistols piece you posted a while ago..
i had been working on it awhile ago then i went on vacation… and when
i saw the valdez piece, i felt someone had been searching my harddrive.
then i saw the piece (which is great) and realized that they’re quite
different, even though they tread in the same arena… i don’t know why so many
of us have been attracted to redoing the same clip (remember jimpunk did
another remix), but here is my mine.”

from Antonio Mendoza – Mr. Tamale.

TRIPTYCH TV – the 3 maestros

chocolate reign (2007, 600k, 10 sec. loop)

lost highway jam (2007, 500k, 4 sec. loop)

push up worm (2007, 600k, 10 sec. loop)

From hipdom’s answer to the three tenors,
a little taste of
Fearless (& peerless) trailblazers; continuing innovators:
abe linkoln
antonio mendoza

Disco-nnect – Abe Linkoln/JimPunk/Subculture – a mash-up masterclass

Subculture: wr4th_o{-g*d_m:x (2007, 16.6MB, 1:26 min)

& j0hn malk°v:tch )::
JimPunk: & j0hn malk°v:ch ):: (2007, 10.2MB, 59 sec)

Abe Linkoln: 3P150D33 (2007, 6.89MB, 1:12 min)

Remix/collab/podcast running May -Sept, commissioned by
the excellent Turbulence & featuring 3 masters of the genre well known to dvblog regulars
[Subculture being Antonio Mendoza's n0m de rem:x]
Exhilarating & educative too…do yourself a favor & check out the whole project

then and now – Antonio Mendoza

then and now (2006, 5MB, 20 sec. loop)

“although it’s only twenty seconds there’s a bunch of stuff from DVblog in it:
iggy’s hand, the gnarls barkley video, a piece from the nuclear attack video,
and the begining of another video from some guy called Moljevic.
and, of course, there’s that great riff from yes. “

Antonio Mendoza.