Will Oldham & Harmony Korine

No More Workhorse Blues
No More Workhorse Blues (2006, 6.4MB, 2:55 min.)

Will Oldham a.k.a Bonnie Prince Billy is a writer/performer
of unusual talent & significance.
Extremely smart, genuine skill with language (in many registers)
a wide range of cultural reference, a sense of being part of a
larger tradition, but also a rootedness –
the mining of a very specific & personal seam.
Then, still, within this – a capacity to surprise, even shock.
An integrity.
Here he teams up with Harmony Korine who matches the
complex richness of the song with a roquefort of a video:-
a sweet rottenness -simultaeneously intensely delicious
& to the same degree inducing a certain queasiness.