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Sam Renseiw – Belt Crossing

Belt Crossing (2009, 9.1MB, 1:04 min)

Absolutely exquisite 2009 Lumière from Sam Renseiw

Sam Renseiw – Change of Colour

Change of Colour
Change of Colour (2007, 6.16MB, 1:00 min)

Does what it says on the packaging & sublimely.
This is so beautiful.
A Lumière from Sam Renseiw.

Sam Renseiw –Two Recent Movies

More Landscaping Views (2010, 54MB, 3:47 min)

Art and Traffic (2010, 14MB, 1:00 min, silent)

We haven’t had anything from the indispensable Sam Renseiw
for a little while so, just to make Monday more tolerable for us all,
here are two recent pieces, both small gems.
I particularly like the Lumière, ‘Art and Traffic’

Sam Renseiw – Fragmented Occurences

Fragmented Occurences
Fragmented Occurences (2010, 67MB, 4:33 min.)

It’s a little while since we featured anything from the splendid Sam
, so here’s a recent piece.
In contrast to many of his films, which have an incredibly strong
sense of a particular place, this was apparently composed
from odds and ends of footage from various locations during the last
few months.
I think it works beautifully; it’s instructive to see Sam intervening,
perhaps a little more than usual, at the editing level.
(His camera work is always very distinctive – there’s often a sense
-true or not- that many pieces are largely composed in the shooting.)

Whatever the case, this is, as always, a wonderful and utterly distinctive voice.

PS This is our 1000th post of the new series. Many thanks to all who have sent words of encouragement & appreciation. It makes the time spent working on DVblog feel doubly worthwhile.

A Game of Petanque with Sam Renseiw

Patafilm 718 (2009, 30.9 MB, 2:40 min)

The Petanque Discussion
The Petanque Discussion (2009, 9.8 MB, 53 secs)

All his work is great but we can’t publish him every day
so we wait for the very finest.
Two Petanque themed beauties, the second
being a Lumière masterclass.

Sam Renseiw – Blind Voodles

Blind Voodle #1 (2009, 57.4MB, 6:25 min)

Blind Voodle #2 (2009, 31.6MB, 3:35 min)

Oneiric gorgeousness from the magnificent Sam Renseiw.

Sam Renseiw again

patafilm #609 (2008, 18.2MB, 4:27 min)

No excuse offered or needed to show work by the Danish
magician, Sam Renseiw. (When I called him the ‘genius Dane’
here a little while ago, he wrote me, modestly demurring,
but he is, Dear Reader, he is. Both.)
He says “…still imbricated in the subtle magic of simple things
and situations…”, which is unusually accurate for an artist
self assessment.
Beautiful work.

Sam Renseiw

Moves and Shadows
Moves and Shadows (2008, 17.5MB, 3:17 min)

3:17 min of visual enchantment from the genius Dane
in this utterly ravishing dance vid.

2 from Sam Renseiw

Sam Renseiw #1
Basic sound techniques involve pruning (2007, 3.53MB, 52 sec)

Sam Renseiw #2
On interference fringe patterns (2007, 11.5MB, 1:38 min.)

From the excellent Spacetwo:Patalab of Sam Renseiw.
Smart, wry poetry.

Henrik Capetillo: Moments – Illusions

moments, illusions
Moments-Illusions (2003, 44MB, 8:35 min)
Recommended to us by the estimable Sam Renseiw here’s work
by his fellow Copenhagen based artist Henrik Capetillo.
I’m assuming that since at one point this file flashes up
“PREVIEW VERSION” the actual piece is considerably higher res.
I’d love to see that version because what we get from this is
a bit of a tease – I think for this kind of digital drawing intervention
into real world footage to really work everything has to be nice and
crisp and seamless ( Rick Silva, for example, is a master at this). That said, it’s
still a haunting bit of work which lingers in the memory and makes one want more.