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Sondheim, Foofwa, Liardon

duetavatargrange (2006, 28.9MB, 5:04 min.)

That is absolutely stunning!
Was it choreographed or improvised? Are you saying the
source material was originally motion capture? Did you
contribute to the choreography?
Some of it puts me in mind of the kind of motion
“artifacts” one gets when pausing movie capture or
scrubbing through something..
Also there’s a spirit of resistance about it that is
profoundly human & humane – it reminds me of the
struggle to signal, to articulate, of people with
cerebral palsy whom I’ve known, or my late
father’s fight with Parkinson’s.
The piece seems tremendously dignified to me – almost
heroic; must have required *such* technique to perform (well,
doesn’t surprise me – I remember the Foofwa running
piece you posted somewhile ago)
This is everything I love about dance (& art in

Foofwa d’Imobilit

K H Jeron – Röhrender Hirsch

 Röhrender Hirsch
Röhrender Hirsch (2007, 7.3MB, 9 sec)

Bracing & clever stuff from KH Jeron a.k.a Sim.
By the magic of programming he transmutes the result
of a Google image search ( presumably on Reindeer or some such)
into this video.
I originally wanted to post another vid crafted by similar means,
image searching on the contents of a text by dvblog favourite Alan Sondheim,
but the vid ,even with small picture size, is way too big for us.
Check that out here, though.