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Recent work from Paul Kelly

The Video Artist (2004-8, 15.5MB, 1:19 min)

Corporate Flag (2008, 47.2MB, 4:06 min)

Narrative (2008, 19.9MB, 1:35 min)

We’ve featured a number of pieces by Paul Kelly
in the last year, although in terms of their date of
making they stretch over some 4 years.
Looking back it seems to me there’s a very striking
sense of development.
The language and technique here is leaner, tougher
& more focussed, though without any loss of the
delight in the beauty & mystery of the everyday
that is a keynote of all the work.
As a little aside I know Paul has been making stuff
for Brittany (of this manor) & Andreas’s

Three more from Paul Kelly

Dust/Spring Evening
Dust/Spring Evening (2005-7, 26.2MB, 1:57 min)

Dignity (2004, 40.4MB, 7:02 min)

Rain : Focus
Rain : Focus winter in the north (2004-9, 9.5MB, 1:12 min)

We showed a couple of rather restrained, pastoral pieces by Paul Kelly
in February of this year.
So, here’re three rather restrained, somewhat more urban pieces.
I admire the determinedly austere approach, to make much – or rather
to make us make much- of what is given to the camera (quite a lot, it has
to be said, in Dignity which is a touching portrait of man & dog), although
one does have visions of a kind of Yoda figure meditating in depth before every possible
editing decision to take the four years Focus apparently took to make.
I look forward to more.

Paul Kelly – two movies

Armenia: Mandelstam
Armenia: Mandelstam (2007, 16.3MB, 3:24 min)

Track 4 (2007, 10.3MB, 1:46 min)

A couple of rather evocative & lyrical pieces from Paul Kelly
about whom I know very little.
On his site he’s says he’s reluctant to join the
online fray, publicising his work.
Know how he feels, but I’m glad he got in touch with us
& we’re pleased to show his stuff here- it deserves an audience.

The Cinema Effect: Realisms at Caixa Forum Madrid, Spain

The Cinema Effect (2011, 44 MB, 5:28 min)

An exhibition that reflects on the influence and impact of cinema in constructing
our visual culture, highlighting how cinematographic language has taken on various
artistic forms including video and installation art. The show features work by Julian Rosefeldt,
Isaac Julien, Runa Islam, Kerry Tribe, Paul Chan, Omer Fast, Mungo Thomson and Ian Charlesworth.

The show has been curated by Kerry Brougher, Anne Ellegood, Kelly Gordon, and Kristen Hileman.
from VernissageTV.