DVblog FAQ

What is it?

DVblog is an online resource for art & entertainment movies in QuickTime format.
Whilst we don’t turn up our noses at the trivial, popular & amusing we also try to
bring you the best in new & challenging work.
Posts here are almost exclusively prepared by folk who are themselves involved
in making video work.

Who is it?

Currently Doron Golan & Michael Szpakowski

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Why QuickTime?

We like it. we like the openness of the format. We like it as a tool.
We like the fact it’s easy to share & remix work in QT.
We think being able to work with QT is a mark of being serious about making digital video.

Will you post about my movie?

Mmmm, possibly. Send us a link to your movie in QuickTime
format (or be prepared to supply it in that form).
We’ll definitely take a look. If it thrills, moves &c. us we’ll post about it.
If not, it doesn’t mean it’s no good, just that it doesn’t do anything for us & seeing as
we do this for nothing, we get to choose.
If we do a post we’ll keep a copy of your movie on our server (no exceptions,
otherwise a huge plague of broken links) & we write the copy, which you don’t see
until we publish it. If we’re showing your work it’s likely that what we’ve got to say
about it will be largely positive though we don’t promise anything. Could be we hate
it but think it’s important !

Can I write for DVblog?

Yes please! If it’s a one-off send us the copy and a link to the movie you’re writing
about (not your own please! – for that see the previous question) & we’ll prepare the
post & credit you for it.
If you’d like a more permanent relationship (say, one or more posts a week) then
write to us & we’ll talk: d [at] dvblog dot org



“Vlogs can be a great way to find lots of offbeat video. DVBlog.org presents
a wide range of video, including artist projects and documentary films, that is well
organized by descriptive categories. The site is curated by a group of artists.”

Beckey Bright, Staff Reporter of THE WALL STREET JOURNAL, September 12, 2005
from: “Short-form online videos are booming – Here’s how to find them”.


WIRED magazine: A Guide to the Online Video Explosion
Avant-Garde – DVblog
“Curated by a group of visual artists, DVblog culls unusual productions from the Web and beyond. Highlight: TV ad montages by Wheeler Winston Dixon.”
WIRED magazine, from: Issue 14.05 – May 2006


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