Nameless Films

20th June 2008
arts | conceptual | experimental | literature | narrative | observational | portraiture | video - michael

Croque Quartet
Croque Quartet (2007, 29.5MB, 2:05 min)

I Didn’t Say That (2007, 45.8MB, 3:14 min)

Writer, musician, artist & general polymath Talan Memmott turns his attention
to film in this series of shorts made in collaboration with Sandy Florian.
They say
Nameless is a collaboration between Sandy Florian and Talan Memmott…
they make excessively short experimental narrative films, mostly in Paris…

Short they may be but Florian & Memmott’s works are assured, quirky,
evocative & entertaining.
You can see the whole series to date here .