‘Infancy is a very good state to return to’
- A Ken Turner season.

5th April 2007
animation | arts | conceptual | experimental | performance | video - michael

the philosophical table
the philosophical table (2006, 6.89MB, 1:28 min)

Over the next few weeks we’re going to feature 9 short pieces by British artist
Ken Turner. (Which form a sequence, but can also be viewed separately)
None of them will be criticised as slick or win any prizes for technical excellence.
Nontheless I’d much rather these, than much of the technically better made but
oh so shallow & glib stuff I see.
They’re quite extraordinary, incorporating philosophical reflection, visual art,
music & performance in a rich & demanding stew.
I particularly warm to their uncompromising nature – here’s a vision,
take it or leave it, but I think you’ll be the richer for engaging.
Also, perhaps rather sentimentally, I love the feeling that here in Cornwall, UK,
is a last continuously enduring pocket of the tremendous artistic radicalism
associated with arts education in the nineteen sixties UK, far from the semi corporate
bottom lineism that is the rule today.
Particularly interested to see comments….
Ken’s site.
Ken talking about his ideas & work.