Ruth Catlow -Time is speeding up

22nd October 2016 by michael
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Time is speeding up (2016, 11MB, 1:00 min)

This is a beautiful piece, a distillation down to a minute of a three month installation by Ruth Catlow, artist and co-director of the marvellous Furtherfield.
She explains its premise and construction better than I can, so I’ll hand over to her:

This networked video performance and installation is about how life seems to speed up as we get older; based on the reflection that when I was one day old, a day was my whole life but on the second day one day was only half my life etc.
The work was commissioned for ‘We Are Not Alone’, an exhibition for 20-21 Visual Arts Centre, Scunthorpe, UK.

During exhibition opening hours between 23rd January -24th April 2016, viewers could watch a live looping video online. At the exhibition people could pose for the web cam, or might be caught looking at the video in which they were soon to be portrayed.
Using a computer programme called Geological Time Piece that I created with Gareth Foote a still webcam image was captured every 3-5 minutes during exhibition opening hours. The camera pointed at a wall in the gallery, upon which a changing text was displayed. The software added each image as a frame to a looping video, of fixed 3 minute duration. The frame density increased every 3 minutes, as each images was added to the video.
In the exhibition space full of movement – of light and shade and people coming and going – people could insert themselves into the video by standing between the webcam and the text. Over three months the human presences started to flicker and disappear and the moving image progressively conveyed a more geological sense of time, the arc of daylight moving through the space, the architecture, and other more static things came to dominate the image. The computer programme stopped running when the exhibition closed by which time the video contained over 3600 images. The final video runs for a minute at 60fps.

GAC – Belgrades

24th October 2013 by michael
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Belgrades (2013, 50MB, 4:04 min)

Neat music video – for a D J Investor track – from Martin Rychicki a.k.a GAC,
originally from Poland and now Paris resident.
The bendy Sax is particularly fetching.
Assured & engaging movie making.

I Don’t Want Your Lasagne Furnace – Donna Kuhn

28th December 2012 by michael
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I Don’t Want Your Lasagne Furnace (2009, 41.4MB, 2:23 min)

Artists I really care for tend to fall into two distinct categories.
The first is the extensive or Picasso category – refusing to be
bound by stylistic limitations or boxes they constantly
reinvent themselves, often seeming like ten artists in one skin.
The other might be called the Giacometti or Morandi model, where
the best part of a lifetime is devoted to an intensive, deep,
exploration of a limited set of themes and content.
They have in common more than would at first appear to be the case.
They are both led by a kind of shamanistic passion, a surrender to
the unconscious, to whim, to a playfulness which can be either infantile
or deadly serious, and they reject the most common practice which is the
dull conformity of making work which attempts to guess the market,
or follow fashion or whatever.
If Sondheim is the net exemplar of the first way then Donna Kuhn
must typify the second.
Small miracles of freshness & originality mined and chiselled from
a tiny pallette! Wit and sadness both! Wonder! Delight!

Almost 7 Minutes of Unalloyed Bliss

25th December 2012 by michael
animation | drawing | experimental | historical | humor | strange

What’s Opera Doc? (1957, 57.2MB, 6:52 min)

Remember the tingle down the spine when the first song kicks in in
the musical episode of Buffy?
Well, here’s the template from 1957.
Cartoons featuring talking and singing animals performing opera simply
do not get better than this.

Wishing you all a very happy holiday season…

3 from Ben Pranger

24th December 2012 by michael
animation | arts | conceptual | performance | video

Morse Gestures (2009, 28.6MB, 2:54 min)

Floating Cup (2009, 1.35MB, 28 secs, silent)

Suitcase in a Box (2009, 59.6MB, 1:00 min)

Assured & smart domestic surrealism from Ben Pranger.

The Story of Stuff

20th December 2012 by brittany
activism | animation | documentary arts | education | politics | technology | video

The Story of Stuff (2008, 54.1MB, 21:20)

The Story of Stuff with Annie Leonard is a twenty
minute video about waste, recycling, corporations,
and sustainability. Even a radical like me finds it
occasionally heavy-handed, but then, this is serious
stuff. Nicely done, worth the twenty minutes you’d
otherwise spend watching crap TV, no?

Essen Dortmund Lederhosen by Rick Silva

18th December 2012 by doron
animation | archive | arts | music video | nature | remix/mashup

Essen Dortmund Lederhosen (2005, 36MB, 6:11 min.)

Rick Silva a.k.a – camoufleur, created a musical video
for the former duo-member band – Zeugwart Hallbauer.

Aleksandra Domanovic – La Biennale (Dictum Ac Factum)

13th December 2012 by michael
animation | arts | conceptual | event | experimental | video

La Biennale (Dictum Ac Factum) (2009, 63MB, 1:40 min)

Nicely made, kind of de Chirico-ish in its
sense-of-place-that-never-was & the way it
haunts you long after viewing, this piece from
Aleksandra Domanovic featured as part of the
Padiglione Internet of the 2009 Venice Biennale.
Oh –Dictum ac Factum – ‘No Sooner Said than Done’, apparently.

Timo Vaittinen – 3 Stop Motion Works

10th December 2012 by michael
animation | arts | graffiti | stop motion | video

Breakblast (2008, 7.7MB, 1:01 min, silent)

Breakblast (2007, 4.9MB, 55 secs, silent)

Over the fence and here we go (2006, 4.4MB, 49 secs, silent)

Three stop motion pieces, economical &
elegant all, from Finnish artist Timo Vaittinen.
I like the (justified) confidence their silence

More from Martin Rychlicki

20th November 2012 by michael
animation | arts | audio | collaboration | music video | video

TyryTyry (2012, 133MB, 2:06 min)

Nice bit of work from Polish film maker and musician Martin Rychlicki, who also
trades as DJ Gacmaster & GacPax,
for a track by DJ Investor.
We’ve featured Rychlicki’s rather winning work here before and no doubt will again.