Vito Acconci #1

25th January 2010
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Claim Excerpts (clip, 1971, 1MB, 29 secs)

Face Off (clip, 1972, 1MB, 28 secs)

Open Book (clip, 1974, 1MB, 31 secs)

Two Track (clip, 1971, 1MB, 31 secs)

Four tiny (in every respect) but nonetheless great clips
from the fearless, troubling & wonderful Vito Acconci in his writer &
video artist phase.
The clips are from the Video Data Bank site where you’ll
be pleased to know you can with seminal
(perhaps not the best choice of word) pieces by
Acconci and others for a mere $3600…
Or you could go and check out more of his work on UBUWEB..
Some stuff about the later Acconci coming shortly.