Brian Kim Stefans – Difficult Beauty

Vex #1 (2006, 29.1MB, 2:08 min.)

Vex #5 (2006, 25.9MB, 1:09 min.)

ferrari dogs
Ferrari Dogs (2006, 25.9MB, 1:09 min.)

You know sometimes how when you first look at a work
you can’t process it immediately, it seems jumbled – wrong
& you’re tempted to dismiss it.
Then you live with it awhile & suddenly it leaps into focus &
you realise you’re in the presence of something much richer
& more rewarding than the things which did immediately fall into place?
Do you know that feeling?
Well, that’s how I felt as I prepared this post.
The work, by the artist & poet Brian Kim Stefans, snuck up
on me & then hit me over the head.
Furthermore, there’s still a puzzling quality to it all, for me:
the Ferrari Dogs piece seems like work of a different category
to the vex pieces somehow ( as does Manchurian Rainman on
the site. Check it. Now – what is that all about?)
Anyway – I’ll take mystery over glibness anyday – I look forward to more.