Kari Altmann – CDR (Listen)

28th May 2007
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CD(R) Listen
CDR (Listen) (2007, 13.75MB, 1:20 min)

Says Kari Altmann:

‘This is the webvideo version. In real life it also lives as a
looping video installation with headphones (that play nothing).
This piece is meant to encourage you to question the notion
of listening and hearing. When experiencing it some people
crave audio, some people hear imprints, memories, and echoes of it,
and some people “see” it or “feel” it. The headphones that are
expected to play audio or music are actually used to close you
off to outside noises and force you to truly listen to the piece
and process it within your own headspace. Many people already
think audiovisually, while many others still divide the two in
their own terms. What do you hear?’