Helmut Oehring – BlauWaldDorf

7th January 2009
arts | experimental | music | performance | theatre | video - michael

Blau Wald Dorf ( Blue Wood Village) (excerpt) (2001, 1.7MB, 53 secs)

The music of Helmut Oehring is like nothing you’ve ever heard.
A hearing child of deaf mute parents, he incorporates his early
experiences into the music he writes, which frequently features
sign language ( not in a token but a completely necessary and
integrated manner).
The actual sound world of the music, moreover, is suffused with a character that
must surely have been formed by those same early experiences -stringed instruments
are tuned down to points of almost unplayable slackness & there is a fragmentary and
distanced, almost walled-off, quality to it all.
If you’re intrigued by the clip it’s well worth checking out recordings of his stuff.