Transitos – Gonzalo Vidal Soler

Transitos 2.1
Transitos 2.1 (2003-6, 21.7MB, 4:37 min)

Transitos 1.1
Transitos 1.1 (2003-6, 23.2MB, 6:32 min)

Transitos, (familiarmente Slows), es un trabajo que une la fotografia
y el video , la fotografia por que son planos fijos y tratamiento de
encuadre y luz puramente fotografico, el video aporta el movimiento,
la duracion y el sonido que rodea estos parajes, podriamos hablar
de fotografias sonoras con movimiento. Transitos son lugares por
los que el ser humano pasa o se deja llevar de forma automatica
y que por ese automatismo, deja de apreciar, aunque siempre deja
su huella sea esta sonora o fisica. Los slows estan divididos en
4 apartados: paisaje maritimo, paisaje urbano, retratos en tren,
y finalmente, paisaje rural.

Transitos (literally ‘Transits’, although I’ve got into the habit of
calling them “Slows”, for obvious reasons) is a work, or series of works,
that unites photography and video. Photography, in the insistence on a
fixed plane and the purely photographic treatment of frame and light;
video, in the introduction of the movement, duration and sound which
suffuse these locations. Perhaps:
‘Photography with sound and movement’ !
Transitos are places human beings pass through almost automatically and
therefore unconsciously, nevertheless always leaving their imprint, be it
sonic or material.
The pieces are divided into four groups: seaside, countryside, urban
landscape and train portraits.

Thoughtful, slow-burning, work of sometimes heart-melting beauty from
Spanish photographer Gonzalo Vidal Soler .