3 from John Murphy

Hanging Around
Hanging Around (2008, 14.7MB, 1:35 min)

Cuckoo Land
Cuckoo Land (2008, 28.6MB, 3:03 min)

Alone (2008, 6.2MB, 51 secs)

2008 work from John Murphy, whose work we’ve featured here before.

Three videos which differ sharply in tone and which despite
a apparent simplicity of construction resonate long afterwards.
Case study: Cuckoo Land.
* found footage
**the good old forwards/backwards routine

still amusing/engaging enough in this case to hold one’s attention, but
***the muzak Grieg piano concerto
on the way back seemed a bit like over-egging it at first but
I find it speaks to me here more than the rather crude formal
device might warrant.

Partly this is due to the setting. Each piece gains in depth from its
association with the others, but I wonder also whether
it isn’t a sign of great artistic confidence on Murphy’s part:
“Here’s what I did – make of it what you will!”