Patrick Lichty Season – #2

11th December 2007
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One Language, Indivisible
One Language, Indivisible (2003, 20.9MB, 2:52 min)

Corporate Ritual
Corporate Ritual (2003, 5.4MB, 1:43 min)

Corporate Ritual
America’s Most Famous Mexican (2003, 9MB, 1:41 min)

‘Two!’ I hear you cry ‘Two! – WHEN WAS ONE!?’
Well it was April & I meant to post more
sooner only I was just plain dilatory.
Partly because the body of work Patrick has handed over
to us is simply somewhat overwhelming in volume & scope
& I’m actually a bit overawed.
So now I’ve grabbed the bull by the horns & am going to
post these three, which showcase Lichty the radical.
They’re funny, pointed and (always a good sign with political art
IMHO) really, really weird…
[Actually, coming back to revise this post, it occurred to me
I don’t think Swiftian is entirely hyperbolic]
There’ll be more before too long…