How to Tell When a Relationship is Over (in Ninety Seconds)

19th December 2012 by doron
community | humor | movie | narrative | observational | satire

How to Tell When a Relationship is Over (2003, 5.6MB, 1:30min.)

A micro-movie of under 90 seconds for
The Encounters Festival 2003.

Directed by Tony Roche.

Body Magic – Javier Morales and John Michael Boling

3rd December 2012 by doron
arts | community | dance | documentary | observational | remix/mashup | satire | tv | video

Body Magic (2007, 26MB, 2:25 min.)

From the old gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooogle.com
Music by Javier.

The Good Consumer – Neil Boorman

28th November 2012 by brittany
activism | arts | commerce | education | satire | video

The Good Consumer (2008, 18.2MB, 5:27)

In honor of , a satirical video about
being a good consumer. BND falls on Nov. 28 in North
America, but everyone else “celebrates” on Nov. 29.
So this whether this video is right on time for you or
a day early, we’re still pretty sure you will appreciate
the message.
Made by Neil Boorman from Bonfire of the Brands.

Eddo Stern – Best…flame war…Ever

26th October 2012 by brittany
animation | gaming | satire | technology | video

Eddo Stern – Best…flame war…Ever (2007, 32MB, 12:08)

Even the non-gamers (that includes me – and I think everyone
else here at DVblog) will appreciate this one from Eddo Stern.

Bob Ross is alive. The Joy of Painting..

24th October 2012 by doron
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Bob Ross is alive (2008, 22MB, 2:50 min.)

The Joy of Painting (2008, 15MB, 5:45 min.)

Bob Ross came to prominence as the creator of ‘The Joy of Painting’,
a program on public television in the US. Here are a couple of great parodies
that poke fun at Bob and his calm and enduring nature.
Top is from Dutch filmmaker Miron Bilski (from the viral video award)
Bottom is from artists Max Kotelchuck and Peter Nowogrodzki.

Robb Bradely/Randy Newman – I’m Dreaming of a White President

10th October 2012 by michael
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I’m Dreaming of a White President (2012, 15MB, 3:16 min)

Great bit of film-making to match a genius song.
Of course you want Obama to win just
to wrongfoot the racists et. al. but you
can’t help wishing he’d actually done something
to merit the mad hostility of the rich, the bigots
and the terminally gullible.

The One That Got Away – Marisa Olson

27th September 2012 by doron
activism | arts | community | conceptual | documentary arts | new media art | participatory | performance | satire | tv | video

The One That Got Away (2005, 19MB, 9:02 min.)

In the Fall of 2004,Marisa Olson gained worldwide attention
while training to audition for American Idol

'Paola e Bettino' – Lanza brothers film their parents watching the world cup..

30th May 2012 by doron
arts | community | documentary odd | humor | observational | portraiture | remix/mashup | satire | sports | video


By brothers Marco and Saverio Lanza.

Put Your Hands Up For Detroit – Fedde Le Grand

21st May 2012 by doron
arts | dance | documentary arts | music video | remix/mashup | satire

Put Your Hands Up For Detroit (2007, 13.6 MB, 2:25 min.)

Sexy remix action from 2007 , from Director S.MacKay-Smith using footage
from Till West & DJ Delicious, TV Rock, Dirty South and Claude Von Stroke.
By Fedde Le Grand.

Psycho Bob – Bob’s Big Date

15th May 2012 by doron
community | ephemera | experimental | humor | narrative | satire | serial | strange | video | vlog

Bob’s Big Date (2008, 7 MB, 50 sec.)

“These are the adventures of a psychopath named Bob. Bob is not
a nice man; not even a little bit. This show is the video equivalent
of a Sunday comic strip.

Here Bob goes out on a date with Betty, perhaps the first woman
other than his mother to truly understand and appreciate him.”
From The AV Club.