Konx-om-Pax –Twin Portal

Twin Portal (2010, 11MB, 2:00 min)


Konx-om-Pax is 25 year old Glasgow based Director/Animator/Sound Designer
Tom Scholefield. In recent years worked with Warp Records, DFA Records,
No-Fun Productions, Universal Everything and Optimo Espacio.

Normally I find it an effort to care much for digitally constructed worlds
with a kind of sci-fi undercurrent; it all seems a bit easy (no matter, of course,
that it probably isn’t) and usually more than a bit banal.
However this guy does it with considerable style and I found myself
drawn in. It’s the level of detail, the care with which its put
together and the sheer verve and -yes- beauty of it.
The audio is great too & I like the bipartite stucture of the piece.