Hal Hartley – Henry Fool

6th February 2012
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Henry Fool trailer
Henry Fool -trailer (1997, 5.2MB, 2:05 min.)

Henry Fool clip
Henry Fool -clip (1997, 3.3MB, 57 secs)

In a rationally ordered universe Hal Hartley would be feted
as one of the most thoughtful, bold & innovative filmakers
of the last 20 years.
We showed the trailer for Fay Grim, his sequel to 1997’s Henry Fool
here awhile back.
Here’s ’s the trailer from Henry Fool & also a short clip.

While we wait for the next one ( this month, if you’re lucky
enough to be in New York) there’re a couple of good
Hartley things available from the indispensable
microcinema international.