Cremaster 1 Trailer

13th November 2012 by doron
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Cremaster 1, Trailer (1995, 34MB, 3:23 min.)

Trailer for Cremaster1 of Matthew Barney‘s Cremaster cycle
a self-enclosed aesthetic system consisting of five films that
explore processes of creation.

Imitations of Life – Mike Hoolboom

3rd October 2012 by doron
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Imitations of Life (excerpt) (2003, 35MB, 4 min.)

Imitations of Life is a ten-part video that strains childhood through a history
of reproduction, culling pictures from the Lumières to
the present day in order to find the future in our past.
by experimental filmmaker Mike Hoolboom.

Man With a Movie Camera – Perry Bard

20th April 2012 by doron
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Man With a Movie Camera (Trailer) (1929-2007, 6MB, 2:17 min.)

“Man With a Movie Camera is a participatory video shot by people around the world
who are invited to record video according to the original script of Vertov’s Man With
A Movie Camera and submit it to a website which will archive, sequence and deliver
it. When the work streams your contribution becomes part of a worldwide montage,
in Vertov’s terms the ‘decoding of life as it is’.
Project by Perry Bard.

Woody Allen/Nathaniel Stern

9th February 2012 by michael
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At Interval
at interval (1977/2006, 24.3MB, 13:22 min)

Early work from the redoubtable Nathaniel Stern where he reworked,
in the most curious of ways, Woody Allen’s Annie Hall.
Interesting that although the working method here seems
almost diametrically opposed to the hands on, performative
approach found in his odys series here too is that same
sense of the fragility & vulnerability of human beings and their
bodies & psyches & of the unreliability of the language we use
to try & make what we want to happen & to relate or lie about what did .

Hal Hartley – Henry Fool

6th February 2012 by michael
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Henry Fool trailer
Henry Fool -trailer (1997, 5.2MB, 2:05 min.)

Henry Fool clip
Henry Fool -clip (1997, 3.3MB, 57 secs)

In a rationally ordered universe Hal Hartley would be feted
as one of the most thoughtful, bold & innovative filmakers
of the last 20 years.
We showed the trailer for Fay Grim, his sequel to 1997’s Henry Fool
here awhile back.
Here’s ’s the trailer from Henry Fool & also a short clip.

While we wait for the next one ( this month, if you’re lucky
enough to be in New York) there’re a couple of good
Hartley things available from the indispensable
microcinema international.

Comme un Chat Noir au Fond d’un Sac

24th January 2012 by brian
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comme un chat noir au fond d’un sac (2006, 18.4MB, 4:47 min)

A beautiful excerpt from Stephane Elmadjian’s feature film found
on composer Daniel Wohl’s website.
Starting off a bit intense it winds itself down and into some breathtaking stuff.

Sigur Ròs : Heima Trailer

8th December 2011 by brian
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Heima Trailer
heima trailer (2007, 46.7 MB, 3:53 min.)

An exquisite trailer for the promising first film from Iceland’s Sigur Ròs.
Watch, and then tell me you did not add Iceland to your top 5 places
to see before you die.

Santiago Sierra – NO, Global Tour

11th November 2011 by doron
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NO, Global Tour trailer (2010, 21 MB, 3:11 min)

Team Gallery, Lisson Gallery , Galería Helga de Alvear & Prometeogallery di Ida Pisani,
in association with Artprojx Cinema, present the UK premiere of NO, Global Tour,
2010 by Santiago Sierra.
The 120 minute film consists of the manufacture and transportation of two monumental sculptures
in the form of the word “NO”, travelling through different territories on a flatbed truck.
The NO, GLOBAL TOUR has resulted in a feature film that documents the passage of this
large NO through various world cities.
A monumental sculpture – unchanged both in its form and immediate meaning – that gradually
assumes a complex semantic load during a journey full of eventualities, accidents, and unexpected events.

A Broad Way

3rd November 2011 by admin
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A Broad Way, Trailer (2007, 60.89 MB, 5:17 min)

Saul Goode
worked with 400 filmmakers to
document every corner of New York’s most
famous street, Broadway.

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By Mica

Hanns Eisler – ‘Composing for the Films’

24th October 2011 by michael
arts | cinema | experimental | film | historical

White Flood clip 1
‘White Flood’ – clip 1 (1940-2, 1.1 MB, 30 sec.)

A Child Went Forth clip
‘A Child Went Forth’ – clip (1940-2, 1.4 MB, 30 sec.)

White Flood clip 2
‘White Flood’ – clip 2 (1940-2, 661 KB, 29 sec.)

Easily the most interesting of all Brecht’s composer collaborators
& in flat contradiction to the current myth spread by those
who dislike his politics, by far the better composer than the rather
dull Weill, Hanns Eisler’s keen intellect turned to questions of film in his
exile in the USA in the early forties.
Under the auspices of the New School & funded by the Rockefeller foundation
Eisler conducted an intensive investigation of the relationship between
film & music , often involving him writing new music to already existing footage.
You can see some of this footage here – but what you really need to do is to listen.
There is no-one who could not learn something from the amazing way Eisler
deploys music here.
After the project, Eisler went on to write, with Theodore Adorno,
himself no slouch intellectually (& also a practicing composer),
one of the key books on music & the movies –‘Composing for the Films’
These clips come from the website for a new edition of the book
released with a companion DVD documenting much of the Rockefeller experimentation.