Anna Chiaretta Lavatelli

4th April 2008
arts | conceptual | experimental | film - brittany

Anna Chiaretta Lavatelli – SHE:contaminated (2005, 33.5MB, 13:58)

Brooklyn-based Anna Chiaretta Lavatelli works in
video and super 8 film.
An explanation of SHE:contaminated:

An examination of cellular abnormalities in video and
super 8mm film in which the three identities of the
character SHE confront the nature of their malformation,
and the affected woman they have collectively become.

I find this piece so moving, particularly the openly segment.
Her metaphors are completely brilliant and resonate with me,
perhaps mostly as a woman but also as an artist.
Also a huge fan of her supposedly poor compression –
love the idea, love the execution.