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Transfers by Caitlin Berrigan

21st December 2012 by brittany
arts | conceptual | performance | video

Caitlin Berrigan – Transfers (Clip) (2009, 8.7MB, 3:21)

Beautifully choreographed piece by Caitlin Berrigan.

The Story of Stuff

20th December 2012 by brittany
activism | animation | documentary arts | education | politics | technology | video

The Story of Stuff (2008, 54.1MB, 21:20)

The Story of Stuff with Annie Leonard is a twenty
minute video about waste, recycling, corporations,
and sustainability. Even a radical like me finds it
occasionally heavy-handed, but then, this is serious
stuff. Nicely done, worth the twenty minutes you’d
otherwise spend watching crap TV, no?

Pieces of OiZ

11th December 2012 by brittany
arts | conceptual | documentary | documentary arts | experimental | film | observational | silent | technology

Christoph Brunner – schwarzenbergplatz (2005, 9.8MB, 0:46)

Christoph Brunner – schwarzenbergplatz 2 (2005, 13.5MB, 1:03)

Orte in Zeiten is a filmmaking process conceived
by Christoph Brunner that continuously re-exposes film
to make surreal loops of space and time.
These two clips were taken during the development
of OiZ, which roughly translates to “places in time”.

LOMEG_ROM – Now Is Not 2009

7th December 2012 by brittany
documentary arts | experimental | observational | portraiture | video | vlog

LOMEG_ROM – Now Is Not 2009 (2009, 91.2MB, 26:28)

Absolutely stunning docu-voodle from 2010 by “b.k.” of Oslo’s
LOMEG_ROM (sadly, note the retrospectively rather
plaintive ‘we’ll soon be posting again’, dated 2010).
Just when you think fireworks are
overrated or that you’ve seen it all… I am endlessly
impressed with this duo’s ability to tease out the
nuances of space and time.


6th December 2012 by brittany
activism | arts | community | documentary | documentary arts | education | historical | music video | narrative | politics | video

Emergence – Locusts (2008, 233.8MB, 11:19)

From celebrated MC Invincible, a docu-music-video
about the history of gentrification and capitalism’s
destruction of communities in Detroit.
Video features several local activists, including
Grace Lee Boggs and (full disclosure) my good friend
Ron Scott.
This intense collaboration gives me chills every
time I watch it.
I’ll let the rest speak for itself.

The Good Consumer – Neil Boorman

28th November 2012 by brittany
activism | arts | commerce | education | satire | video

The Good Consumer (2008, 18.2MB, 5:27)

In honor of , a satirical video about
being a good consumer. BND falls on Nov. 28 in North
America, but everyone else “celebrates” on Nov. 29.
So this whether this video is right on time for you or
a day early, we’re still pretty sure you will appreciate
the message.
Made by Neil Boorman from Bonfire of the Brands.

Matt McCormick and The Shins

23rd November 2012 by brittany
arts | conceptual | music video | nature | observational | photography | video

Matt McCormick – The Past and Pending (2003, 34MB, 5:17)

Matt McCormick – Australia (2007, 29MB, 3:57)

Matt McCormick is one of those heroes I never knew I had.
He makes insanely tight music videos and local commercials
around the Portland area, in addition to being a friend to hipster
bands and a musician himself.
These are two award-winning videos for the band The Shins,
who I’ve posted from before, though I have no affiliation or
particular love for them.
They just end up extra special on film, especially through
McCormick’s visions of A-Team remakes and leisurely photo drives.

Gareth Long – Platoon / Manual for Draft-Age Immigrants to Canada

16th November 2012 by brittany
arts | movie | remix/mashup

Gareth Long – Platoon / Manual for Draft-Age Immigrants to Canada (2007, 60.6MB, 14:20)

Lovely 2007 piece from Gareth Long,
– an intervention into the English subtitles of Oliver Stone

Constant Dullaart – Garbage

7th November 2012 by brittany
conceptual | documentary arts | ephemera | humor | observational | video

Constant Dullaart – Garbage (2004, 2.3MB, 1:03)

More from Constant Dullaart.

5 Lumières

1st November 2012 by brittany
arts | community | conceptual | experimental | historical | movie making | narrative | silent | video

Me and Pop

Me and Pop (2004, 3.88MB, 1:00min)

Maker’s site


Sleeping (2007, 2.34MB, 57 secs)

Maker’s site


Gallo (2007, 5.17MB, 55 secs)

Maker’s site


Dance of Death (2007, 5.53MB, 1:00 min)

Maker’s site

A Week

A Week’s Worth (2007, 4.93MB, 1:00 min)

Maker’s site

The rules for Lumière videos are as follows:

* 60 seconds max.
* Fixed camera
* No audio
* No zoom
* No edit
* No effects

In the spirit of the Lumière brothers and comparable in some ways to Dogme 95,
the Lumière video project emerged from a documentary perspective,
as Auguste and Louis Lumière blazed the trail in this genre.
In the tradition of the the cinematographe, the first movie camera,
which was arguably used and possibly built by the brothers, all
21st C Lumiere videos should be made only using features available in
camera (ie, no external editing, including bumpers and titles, should
be included).
Lumière videos hope to expand upon the ways that online video allows for
the advancement of personal narratives by capturing the everyday, and sometimes
unexpected, within a specific framework of constraints, less conflicted by sometimes
unnecessary editing.

See all Lumière videos.