Three more from Paul Kelly

Dust/Spring Evening
Dust/Spring Evening (2005-7, 26.2MB, 1:57 min)

Dignity (2004, 40.4MB, 7:02 min)

Rain : Focus
Rain : Focus winter in the north (2004-9, 9.5MB, 1:12 min)

We showed a couple of rather restrained, pastoral pieces by Paul Kelly
in February of this year.
So, here’re three rather restrained, somewhat more urban pieces.
I admire the determinedly austere approach, to make much – or rather
to make us make much- of what is given to the camera (quite a lot, it has
to be said, in Dignity which is a touching portrait of man & dog), although
one does have visions of a kind of Yoda figure meditating in depth before every possible
editing decision to take the four years Focus apparently took to make.
I look forward to more.