Essen Dortmund Lederhosen by Rick Silva

18th December 2012 by doron
animation | archive | arts | music video | nature | remix/mashup

Essen Dortmund Lederhosen (2005, 36MB, 6:11 min.)

Rick Silva a.k.a – camoufleur, created a musical video
for the former duo-member band – Zeugwart Hallbauer.

Sam Easterton – Animal Vegetable Video

5th December 2012 by admin
arts | community | conceptual | documentary | education | experimental | humor | movie making | nature | observational | participatory | serial | strange | video

Ardvark (2001, 1.6MB, 15 sec.)

Scorpion (2001, 1.1MB, 10 sec.)

Tumbleweeds (2001, 1.2MB, 10 sec.)

Wolf (2001, 1.1MB, 10 sec.)

Since 1988, Sam Easterton has been using tiny
‘helmet mounted’ cameras to create an archive of videos filmed
from the perspective of plants and animals.

By Mica

Matt McCormick and The Shins

23rd November 2012 by brittany
arts | conceptual | music video | nature | observational | photography | video

Matt McCormick – The Past and Pending (2003, 34MB, 5:17)

Matt McCormick – Australia (2007, 29MB, 3:57)

Matt McCormick is one of those heroes I never knew I had.
He makes insanely tight music videos and local commercials
around the Portland area, in addition to being a friend to hipster
bands and a musician himself.
These are two award-winning videos for the band The Shins,
who I’ve posted from before, though I have no affiliation or
particular love for them.
They just end up extra special on film, especially through
McCormick’s visions of A-Team remakes and leisurely photo drives.

David Askevold – Nova Scotia Fires

21st November 2012 by michael
arts | conceptual | exhibition | experimental | historical | landscape | nature

Nova Scotia Fires
Nova Scotia Fires (1969, 5MB, 3:00 min)

I hadn’t, to my shame, heard of the late David Askevold until the Camden Arts Centre
put on a beautifully put together and gripping retrospective last year.
Here’s one of the pieces on show then. It’s not particularly great quality plus
it’s in a tiny window but it does conjure (perhaps an appropriately Askevoldian
choice of word) something of the impact -witty, smart and otherwordly – of his work.

* and there’s a good review of that here.

Erica Schreiner – Ohio

12th November 2012 by brian
arts | flowers | nature | portraiture | video | vlog

Ohio (2008, 34MB, 3:23 min.)

Short analog video by Portland based artist Erica Schreiner.
Music by by Prussia.

Alan Sondheim – Kelvin Helmholtz Clouds

6th November 2012 by michael
arts | nature | observational | photography | science | strange | video

Kelvin Helmholtz Clouds (2008, 5.6MB, 24 secs)

It’s funny – even when Sondheim does picturesque there’s
something very defiantly personal about his take on it.
Here it’s the way that the sequence of images just occasionally
looks as if it hadn’t been thrown together at random but
most of the time it does.
And this does not matter -in fact it’s an asset -there’s a shamanic
urgency to everything Sondheim does which is wholly engaging.

Bob Ross is alive. The Joy of Painting..

24th October 2012 by doron
arts | community | humor | nature | observational | painting | performance | satire | tv | video | viral

Bob Ross is alive (2008, 22MB, 2:50 min.)

The Joy of Painting (2008, 15MB, 5:45 min.)

Bob Ross came to prominence as the creator of ‘The Joy of Painting’,
a program on public television in the US. Here are a couple of great parodies
that poke fun at Bob and his calm and enduring nature.
Top is from Dutch filmmaker Miron Bilski (from the viral video award)
Bottom is from artists Max Kotelchuck and Peter Nowogrodzki.

‘Miniatures’ by Steven Hoskins

22nd October 2012 by doron
arts | experimental | nature | observational | video

Miniatures (2006, 11MB, 2:35 min.)

‘Early experimental work in multi-frame/multi-track asynchrony.’

More works from video artist Steven Hoskins on Video Art Net.

Constant Dullaart – Hurricane

19th October 2012 by doron
arts | conceptual | ephemera | nature | new media art | observational | serial | video

hurricane3 (2008, 1.7MB, 47 sec.)

From Dutch artist Constant Dullaart.

Richard Haley – Extending a Rain Puddle’s Reach By 16 Inches

5th October 2012 by doron
arts | conceptual | documentary arts | nature | performance | serial | strange | video

Puddle Extension (2007, 5MB, 6:42 min.)

Masonite, masking tape, and plastic sheeting device
designed to extend a rain puddle’s reach by 16 inches.
By Richard Haley.

In the realm of ‘A Series of Practical Performances In The Wilderness’
by Cary Peppermint and Christine Nadir. (1) (2)