A Series of Practical Performances in the Wilderness (1)

waiting on bob
waiting on bob (2005, 5.7MB, 1:56 min.)

move this rock
move this rock (2005, 12.5MB, 3:56 min.)

stick like snakes
stick like snakes (2005, 5.5MB, 1:54 min.)

Chapters 1,2,3 from the DVD ‘A Series of Practical Performances In The Wilderness’
by Cary Peppermint and Christine Nadir.
This is very smart work indeed – it references, or better evokes, ideas & precedents
& techniques from all over world culture high & low & I’m sure this is conscious.
The thing is, a bit like the effect of C5’s short history of virtual hiking,
featured here last year, the rather knowing formalism of it all & the dry
keep-your-distance wit ironically somehow create a space for a deeply traditional
romanticism about nature & the landscape to sneak back in.
Not a criticism. Me, I love it.