Get Out and Pay

16th June 2008
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Get Out and Play
Get Out and Play (2008, 36.9MB, 1:25 min)

Somebody called Donna sends us a mail ‘writing from a Nokia sponsored blog’.
Donna, kind soul that she is, thought
‘With your stop motion background we thought you might have a
different take on the video than the gamers and
tech bloggers who might normally watch the video’

Aw..bless her!
Nothing to do, then, with trying to use as us a part of an attempted
“virality” strategy ( don’t get us wrong, we’re impressed dvblog even
appears on these folks’ radar) the’s good.
There’s stuff to be learned here, no doubt –
not least that the corporate vultures can clearly buy in time and talent;
but how much better a world it would be if the silly amounts of cash it
clearly cost to make this just went straight to fund new work by artists…