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Timo Vaittinen – 3 Stop Motion Works

10th December 2012 by michael
animation | arts | graffiti | stop motion | video

Breakblast (2008, 7.7MB, 1:01 min, silent)

Breakblast (2007, 4.9MB, 55 secs, silent)

Over the fence and here we go (2006, 4.4MB, 49 secs, silent)

Three stop motion pieces, economical &
elegant all, from Finnish artist Timo Vaittinen.
I like the (justified) confidence their silence

A Map Comes to Life

18th October 2012 by brittany
animation | arts | conceptual | map | stop motion | technology | video

Andersen M Studio – A Map Comes to Life (2006, 11.4MB, 2:20)

Incredible stop-motion animation from London’s
Andersen M Studio. Much of their video work is
in the same style, but why switch it up when
they’re so talented in this specialized way?
Inspiring and fun.

Still Life: Gallery – Gareth Long

25th February 2012 by doron
animation | arts | conceptual | experimental | observational | silent | stop motion | video

Still Life: Gallery (2002, 3.5 MB, 3:22 min.)

This piece was shot with a still camera. The images are ‘stitched’ together using
a combination of specialized software and by hand; the stills seamlessly joined to
create a new space. Because the space is made up of stills instead of video, any
and all action contained within the frame is arrested. The two major precepts of
video – motion and time – are thus implied but impenetrable.

from Gareth Long.

Ladislas Starewitch – Le Lion Devenu Vieux

22nd March 2011 by admin
animation | arts | cinema | experimental | film | historical | movie making | puppetry | silent | stop motion

Le Lion Devenu Vieux
Le Lion Devenu Vieux (1932, 3.5MB, 1:04 sec.)

Ladislas Starewitch is often credited with inventing stop motion animation
as we know it, though so are several other people. It depends on what fits
into your definition of stop motion.
Certainly he was probably the first to actually make little figures and move
them frame by frame in an attempt to duplicate lifelike movement of actual
living things. it was because he was filming beetles and found that the hot
lights made them lethargic, so he made his own little beetles asrealistically
as possible and animated them instead.
This gave birth to further projects with very lifelike but sometimes partially
anthropomorphic (human-like) animals.
from – Darkstrider.

By Mica. (thanks Adam)

“Eternal Return” by Jennifer and Kevin McCoy

28th October 2010 by doron
arts | cinema | conceptual | documentary arts | exhibition | installation | new media art | puppetry | stop motion | technology

Eternal Return (2006, 4 MB, 1:54 min.)

“Eternal Return” installed at the exhibition Stop Motion at the Edith Russ Haus,
is a remake of a scene from the musical movie The Gay Divorcee.
The piece was reworked to allow a large video projection for the exhibition.”
by – Jennifer and Kevin McCoy.

Two from Charlie Mars

2nd July 2010 by michael
animation | arts | stop motion | strange | video

Singer (2005, 4.7MB, 1:15 min.)

Grouik-Grouik (2005, 11.9MB, 1:48 min.)

Accomplished stop motion shenanigans from French
videomaker Charlie Mars, self-styled ‘Videomaker from Outerspace’.

Three from Writtle

24th May 2010 by michael
activism | animation | arts | conceptual | design | education | exhibition | experimental | gaming | installation | narrative | performance | politics | remix/mashup | stop motion | video

Impossible Conversations
Ashleigh Smith – Impossible Conversations (2010, 75 MB, 2:30 min)

Out of Sight, Out of Mind
Emma Haggis – Out of Sight, Out of Mind (2010, 118 MB, 2:18 min)

Lucy Mills – Response (2010, 108 MB, 2:02 min, silent)

So, first, I should say, Writtle is where I taught this year, but it cuts both ways:
I wouldn’t post these pieces by graduating students here on DVblog unless I
thought they were all great, which I do.
They’re also diverse, in a fascinating way.
There’s Ashleigh Smith’s haunting – stays with you long afterwards – game/real life hybrid,
Lucy Mills beauty industry critique – half mash-up, half rather brave performance,
(It’s interesting the way that all three pieces incorporate, to
some degree, elements of self performance) and Emma Haggis’s superbly made
and utterly captivating stop motion environmental piece.

In each case one can see a personal language well into its development.
(All these pieces or variants/derivatives thereof formed part of larger
installations; I’m impressed by the naturalness & lack of self consciousness
with with these three move between modes of working/presentation)

I hope they’re all still making work in ten years – given this
starting point then that would be a treat in store.

Hugo Heyrman – Body Language Sequences

22nd February 2010 by michael
arts | ephemera | experimental | new media art | observational | stop motion | video | vlog

series 1, #10 (2006, 625KB, 1 sec. loop)

series 1, #1 (2006, 564KB, 1 sec. loop)

series 1, #20 (2006, 550KB, 1 sec. loop)

Attractive & interesting 2006 work from Belgian artist Hugo Heyrman
Despite a superficial similarity to the work of the late David Crawford
this work has a dynamic (and a charm) entirely its own.
Check out Heyrman’s Museums of the Mind site for more.

Wreck & Salvage – Fun with Muybridge

22nd January 2010 by doron
animation | arts | community | documentary arts | experimental | film | humor | music | portraiture | remix/mashup | stop motion | video

Fun with Muybridge (2009, 18 MB, 1:30 min)

Conversations with Eadweard J. Muybridge.

By Wreck & Salvage – a package of three video producers:
Erik Nelson, Adam Quirk & Aaron Valdez

Music by Kevin Bewersdorf.

suppendapo – Wreck & Salvage

24th December 2009 by doron
activism | arts | commerce | community | documentary | experimental | humor | observational | politics | remix/mashup | satire | stop motion | strange | video | vlog

suppendapo (2009, 33 MB, 2:51 min)

Are You Alive?
Wanna Stay That Way?

By Wreck & Salvage.