Bob Ross is alive. The Joy of Painting..

24th October 2012 by doron
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Bob Ross is alive (2008, 22MB, 2:50 min.)

The Joy of Painting (2008, 15MB, 5:45 min.)

Bob Ross came to prominence as the creator of ‘The Joy of Painting’,
a program on public television in the US. Here are a couple of great parodies
that poke fun at Bob and his calm and enduring nature.
Top is from Dutch filmmaker Miron Bilski (from the viral video award)
Bottom is from artists Max Kotelchuck and Peter Nowogrodzki.

via Aram Bartholl – Magnotta SpeedShow

5th July 2012 by doron
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Magnotta SpeedShow (2012, 20.4, 3:07 min)

Magnotta SpeedShow – A vanity surf performance.

“One week after Magnotta got caught we present a vanity surf performance at the exact same Internetcafe in Berlin where Magnotta was arrested while vanity surfing! Be invited to join and vanity surf yourself!”

“Killing is bad, mailing bodyparts is worse, vanity surfing (while getting caught) is cool!”

“Internet cafes are not just vaguely unglamorous places for ethnic minorities and communications challenged, they do have a genuinely bad reputation.” [Olia Lialina – ‘Still There’] Where else a social network killer can be caught? Of course in the Internet cafe!”

[shot and edited(!) on a smart phone ]

Internetcafe Helin, Karl-Marx-Straße 156, Berlin
Tuesday 12th of June, 2012, 8-10 pm

by Constant Dullaart, CuratingYoutube, Olia Lialina & Aram Bartholl

Diesel U Music – Ben Hanbury

27th April 2012 by doron
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Ben Hanbury
diesalumusic (2006, 27MB, 3:19 min.)

Ben Hanbury entry for the Diesel U Music 2006 VJ competition.

iligili – Lulu PIP

18th January 2012 by doron
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Lulu PIP (2009, 194 MB, 12:10 min.)

iligili has been doing hardcore pornography art and music videos
for over 25 years now. In the last decade he has been living in the Republic of Colombia
where he gets most of his inspiration for the upbeat, ‘in your face’ extravaganza.


10th May 2011 by michael
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Roundabout (n/d, 5MB, 35 sec.)

Found in the inspiration section of VJ Forums.

Takuya Hosogane – Vanishing Point

4th April 2011 by doron
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Vanishing Point (2010, 19 MB, 1:39 min)

Extravagant motion graphics video by Takuya Hosogane.

Making Web MVideo by Michael Verdi

24th February 2011 by doron
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Making Web MVideo (2011, 51 MB, 5:55 min)

“There was a lot of talk this week about WebM video after Google announced
that they were going to drop H.264 support from Chrome. This is huge news
for video makers, especially since Firefox 4 (which supports WebM) is almost done.
I figured it was time to look into WebM encoding tools again.”..

from Michael Verdi.

Nigel Ayers – War Criminal

24th September 2010 by michael
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first line
War Criminal (2003 -2010, 22MB, 3:18 min)

When I first saw this piece from Nigel Ayers I assumed, quite wrongly, he
was involved with some heavy duty image manipulation in the cause of a
kind of conceptualist ‘activism’ (and I sat scratching my head at just how difficult it
must have been to get that image onto so many moving figures).

DOH! The facts are much weirder and much, much better…
Great stuff! Hats off! Not worthy, not worthy!

Let Nigel explain…

Pink by Charlie White

7th July 2010 by doron
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Pink by Charlie White
Pink (2006, 18.4MB, 2:36 min)

Adidas viral directed by Charlie White.
music by Greg Weeks.

Superman Returns & Brando too

24th June 2010 by doron
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Jor El (1978-2006, 38MB, 3:29 min.)

Marlon Brando, the CG character, rather spookily reappears as
Jor-El in Superman Returns.
From Rhythm & Hues studios.